Monday, September 26, 2016

The Friendship of George W.Bush and Michelle Obama

What could make Monday morning worse?

Hillary’s Instantaneous Health Morph – Unanticipated Pool Reporter Surprises Secretary Clinton…

Fr Conservativetreehouse by Sundance,

There’s something quite telling about this video taken today in New York City.  This press video is prior to Secretary Clinton’s meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu.
It must also be very cold in New York City this afternoon:


According to press reports Mrs. Clinton went to see her daughter Chelsea, then to Appleseeds Kids Center, then to Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu.  The video below was taken when Secretary Clinton was leaving Appleseeds.

 Two aspects to notice.

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Are Polls Underestimating Trump’s True Support?

Restoring Liberty  Joe Miller,


The press in 1980 did their best to scupper Ronald Reagan. They said he was an “extremist” and that he would “would divide America along racial, religious, and regional lines”. They said Reagan was a “dangerous cowboy” with his finger on the nuclear button. They seethed, raged, insinuated.

The Republican establishment joined in the calumnies. The strain on party brotherhood was so bad that after the primaries, one-time Republican candidate John Anderson split from the party and ran as a NeverReagan.

It was thus unfashionable to admit liking Reagan, and so not a few kept their mouths shut.

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HERE WE GO=> TRUMP Set to Drop $140 Million on Ads From Now Until Election

At Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft,

 Guest post by Aleister at American Lookout:

Hillary Clinton has already outspent Trump by a massive margin and has nothing to show for it. Now, Donald Trump is going to spend a lot of cash on ads which will run through election day.

The AP reports via Politico:
AP: Trump campaign plans $140 million ad buy.
WASHINGTON — Donald Trump’s campaign is planning for what it says will amount to $140 million worth of advertising from now until Election Day.
The total, if executed, would include $100 million in television airtime and $40 million in digital ads, according to senior communications adviser Jason Miller.

Through this week, the Trump campaign has put only about $22 million into TV and radio ads for the general election, according to Kantar Media’s political advertising tracker. Clinton has spent more than five times as much on those kinds of ads, $124 million so far.
This is going to be like a political carpet-bombing campaign.

Ahead of debate, Trump endorsed by some Bush alumni By Steve Holland,
Dozens of former appointees of the administration of former President George W. Bush announced their support for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Sunday in a bid for party unity ahead of Trump’s first debate with Democrat Hillary Clinton.

The Bush family and many connected to it remain cool to Trump. Former President George H.W. Bush reportedly plans to vote for Clinton in the Nov. 8 election, former Trump rival Jeb Bush has said he will not vote for Clinton or Trump, and George W. Bush has avoided the presidential race while helping raise money for Republican congressional candidates.

But a number of former Bush appointees have decided to endorse the New York businessman, who is in a tight race with Clinton and is to debate her one-one-one at Hofstra University on Monday night in Hempstead, New York.

Fifty former Bush appointees were on a list of people described as founding members of a coalition of Bush alumni supportive of Trump. The list was provided by a Republican official close to the Trump campaign.

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More Polls: Trump Takes 4-Point Lead in Colorado, Maintains Lead in Ohio

At Conservative Read by Chris,

 Matthew Boyle, Exclusive — Breitbart-Gravis Polls

Republican nominee for president Donald J. Trump has taken the lead in Colorado and maintains his lead in Ohio, two new Breitbart News Network/Gravis Marketing polls released on Sunday show. The promising polls for Trump come just before the all-important debate an hour from here on Monday night, at Hofstra University on Long Island.

In Colorado, a swing state with 9 electoral votes, Trump leads Democratic nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton by 4 points—outside the survey’s 3.5 percent margin of error. Trump, at 41 percent, leads Clinton—who has just 37 percent. Libertarian Gary Johnson takes 6 percent and Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party takes 6 percent, and 10 percent of the voters polled are undecided. The poll, conducted from Sept. 22 to Sept. 23, surveyed 799 registered voters in Colorado.

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Sunday, September 25, 2016


Reprinted from Breitbart.

The New York Times editorial board officially endorsed Hillary Clinton on Saturday.

Yes, Hillary Was an Enabler

At National Review by Rich Lowry,
Donald Trump’s philosophy is never to use a scalpel when a meat ax is available, and so it is with his attack on the Clinton scandals of the 1990s. And yet, in slamming Hillary as Bill’s “enabler” and daring to invoke the allegation of rape against Clinton, Trump is again demonstrating his unsurpassed ability to needle his opponents and expose their vulnerabilities. Hillary Clinton’s self-image as a feminist champion has always been at odds with her political partnership with a serial womanizer.
Hillary tends to get a pass, because the 1990s were long ago, the media often scold anyone who brings up the scandals, and most politicians hesitate to talk about someone else’s marriage. Unconstrained by these boundaries, Trump is hitting her with his characteristic abandon.

Debates Don’t Often change presidential races. Is 2016 the Exception?

At WAPO by Dan Balz,

Monday’s debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is the most anticipated event of a presidential campaign filled with remarkable and revolting moments. But if the debate season, when it’s all over, has changed the trajectory of the race, it will be a surprise. Amid all the sound and fury, changes now seem to come in inches.

The first debate, at Hofstra University, should be great theater. Trump, an unguided missile, will be seeking to project a calmer demeanor and a command of the facts, enough at least to reassure voters who doubt his capacity to serve. Clinton, a studious and well-prepared debater whose expertise on many issues is deep, will be looking to avoid the weeds, offer a bigger and more affirmative vision and mostly try to prove that her rival is unfit to occupy the Oval Office.

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Why did feds grant immunity to Hillary’s ‘highly improper’ aide?

At NYPOST by Paul Sperry,

If anyone would know Hillary consigliere Cheryl Mills’ reputation for obstructing investigations, it’s FBI Director James Comey. He complained about her lack of cooperation while probing Clinton scandals in the 1990s. Yet he agreed to give Mills immunity from prosecution in his probe of Hillary’s illegal e-mails as secretary of state, where Mills was chief of staff.

As a Whitewater investigator for the Senate in the mid-1990s, Comey sought information from Mills; but wouldn’t you know, the then-deputy White House counsel claimed a burglar stole her notes.

Comey concluded that Hillary Clinton ordered Mills to block investigators. The obstruction, the Senate committee found, included the “destruction of documents” and other “highly improper . . . misconduct.”

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Ted Cruz calls his decision to back Trump ‘agonizing’


Ted Cruz appears uncomfortable defending the man he says he’ll vote for in November, Donald Trump.

Addressing a policy forum organized by The Texas Tribune, the Texas senator said Saturday it was “agonizing” making the decision to back Trump, whom he once called a “pathological liar” and “serial philanderer.” He denied he caved in to pressure from top Republicans nationally and in his home state, saying he would have faced an outcry no matter what.

“Any path we took, if I supported Donald, if I didn’t support Donald, the criticism was going to be there,” Cruz told a packed auditorium.

 Cruz offered little defense of Trump’s past comments on Muslim-Americans. He also said his two young daughters, while campaigning with him in the primaries, had felt the sting of Trump’s comments about women. Asked whether he thought Russian President Vladimir Putin was a better leader than President Barack Obama, as Trump suggested, Cruz said, “I have no intention of defending everything Donald Trump says or does.”


Trump's old debate tricks won't work on Clinton: Column

At USA Today by Aaron Kall,

Presidential candidates generally benefit from lowered debate expectations, yet Donald Trump continually brags about his prowess in his 11 primary-season debates. During a May interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box, Trump said he won “every single debate” in which he participated and perhaps it would be a good idea to have more than three debates with Hillary Clinton because there is "a lot going on." Trump did fare very well in online and snap polls conducted after the primary debates by news outlets such as Time, Slate and Drudge Report.

Before stepping on the debate stage in Cleveland more than a year ago, Trump was a novice politician who had never debated. His 16 opponents were for the most part career politicians who had debated on a regular basis. Trump's unconventional debate preparation included jetting to Turnberry, Scotland, for the Women’s British Open a week before the first debate.


Trump lobbies moderators ahead of debate

At USA TODAY by David Jackson,

Donald Trump isn't saying much about debate preparation, with one notable exception.
Baiting the moderators.

The Republican presidential nominee has repeatedly wondered whether the moderators will be "fair" to him, engaging in what analysts described as age-old pre-debate tactics: lowering expectations and intimidating the questioners.

"Look, it's a phony system," Trump told Bill O'Reilly of Fox News this week.
Trump has complimented the moderator of Monday night's first debate, Lester Holt of NBC News, but with a distinct edge.

"I think Lester Holt will be very fair," Trump said during a rally in Kenansville, N.C., "but a lot of people are going to be watching to see if that's true. The reason why so many corporate newspapers and news anchors are opposed to our movement is the same reason why the lobbyists and the donors are."


6 stabbed near Emerson College campus in Boston, suspect at large - reports
Six people have been stabbed in an attack on Tremont Street in Boston’s Theater District early Sunday, local media said. Police told media one suspect is still at large, while they may have apprehended a second one.

One victim was critically injured and is in emergency surgery, according to the Boston Globe.

Two suspects are reportedly at large, according to a notification sent to students at Emerson College. Students were urged to report any “suspicious activity.

Police, however, told media they have one suspect in custody - the person was reportedly among those injured and “survived some wounds.” But they are still looking for the other one.
Boston Police Superintendent Bernard O’Rourke said the suspect fled in the direction of Charles Street South.[..]

The stabbing is the latest in a series of violent attacks to hit the US over the past few days. Earlier on Sunday, as many as nine people were shot in the Champaign campus at the University of Illinois.

In Baltimore on Saturday, at least eight people were shot, including a three year-old. Police believe three shooters were involved in the attack.

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Rasmussen: White House Watch White House Watch: Trump 44%, Clinton 39%, Johnson 8%, Stein 2%

Rasmussen Reports

Thursday, September 22, 2016,

With the first presidential debate coming on Monday, Donald Trump has moved to a five-point lead over Hillary Clinton, his biggest advantage since mid-July.

The latest Rasmussen Reports weekly White House Watch telephone and online survey finds Trump with 44% support among Likely U.S. Voters to Clinton’s 39%. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson earns eight percent (8%) of the vote, while Green Party nominee Jill Stein holds steady at two percent (2%). Three percent (3%) like some other candidate, and five percent (5%) are still undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)