Friday, April 29, 2016

Unmasking the Men Behind Zero Hedge, Wall Street's Renegade Blog

At BLOOMBERG MARKETS by Tracy Alloway:

Colin Lokey, also known as "Tyler Durden," is breaking the first rule of Fight Club: You do not talk about Fight Club. He’s also breaking the second rule of Fight Club. (See the first rule.)
After more than a year writing for the financial website Zero Hedge under the nom de doom of the cult classic’s anarchic hero, Lokey’s going public. In doing so, he’s answering a question that has bedeviled Wall Street since the site sprang up seven years ago: Just who is Tyler Durden, anyway?

The answer, it turns out, is three people. Following an acrimonious departure this month, in which two-thirds of the trio traded allegations of hypocrisy and mental instability, Lokey, 32, decided to unmask himself and his fellow Durdens.

Lokey said the other two men are Daniel Ivandjiiski, 37, the Bulgarian-born former analyst long reputed to be behind the site, and Tim Backshall, 45, a well-known credit derivatives strategist. (Bloomberg LP competes with Zero Hedge in providing financial news and information.)

In a telephone interview, Ivandjiiski confirmed that the men had been the only Tyler Durdens on the payroll since Lokey came aboard last year, but he criticized his former colleague's decision to come forward.
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1,237 or no 1,237, there will be no ‘brokered’ convention #Trump2016

From: Conservative Read by Chris:
Are the Democratic and Republican nominations finally settled? Not if you listen to all the talk about “open conventions” and “brokered conventions.”

The idea is that delegates selected through state primaries and caucuses then choose any nominee they want at the national convocation. A brokered convention? That would require power brokers. The problem is that power brokers no longer have any power to broker.

After Tuesday’s primaries, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton looks certain and GOP frontrunner Donald Trump very likely to win their parties’ nominations on the first ballot. Their opponents are relying on the out-of-date assumption that convention delegates are free agents who can nominate anybody they want.
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Are Reagan Democrats Becoming Trump Democrats?


From by Jeffrey Lord:



The Gallup poll. December, 1979.

President Jimmy Carter — 60%. Former California Governor Ronald Reagan — 36%.
So confident was Carter White House Chief of Staff Hamilton Jordan of the coming year’s presidential election that he boasted: “The American people are not going to elect a seventy-year-old, right-wing, ex-movie actor to be president.” Hamilton Jordan was a smart guy — and he was also wildly wrong.

A little less than a year later the American people — ignoring that Gallup poll — elected Ronald Reagan to the presidency in a landslide — in a three-way race. Reagan won 50.8% of the vote to Carter’s 41%. Third party candidate John Anderson, a liberal Republican who had been defeated by Reagan in the GOP primaries, won a mere 6.6% of the vote. Reagan carried 44 states to Carter’s six plus the District of Columbia.

What happened? How could Reagan go from losing a Gallup poll to Carter by 24 points — then winning the actual election by almost 10 points? Answer? The emergence of what would become known to political history as “the Reagan Democrats.” Who were they? Blue collar, working class, largely Catholic and ethnic, they originally emerged in Richard Nixon’s 1968 and 1972 elections. In which Nixon referred to them as the “Silent Majority.”

In 1980, angered by Carter’s handling of the economy, the feckless handling of the Iran hostage crisis, and the left-wing tilt of the Democrats, these voters — many of whom had voted for John F. Kennedy twenty years earlier — returned with a vengeance. Famously, Macomb County, Michigan, which cast 63% of its vote for JFK in 1960, turned around in 1980 and voted 66% for Reagan.

On Tuesday night of this week, Donald Trump appeared in Birch Run, Michigan in Saginaw County. Here’s the headline from the Detroit Free Press:
A lovefest for Donald Trump in Birch Run
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Internal Poll Numbers Show Cruz Collapsing In Indiana…


From the outset, and particularly since the ridiculous “Never Trump” campaign began, we have outlined the most damaging aspect to Senator Ted Cruz’s presidential bid is his continued visibility.  The reasoning is simple: the more people see and hear Cruz,  the more the average electorate are turned off by Cruz.  He’s just not a likeable man.

 A CNN article today points out the internal polling within Indiana is following this consistent pattern:
[…] Cruz allies and people close to the campaign describe a budding sense of gloom, with internal polls diving as Trump mounted even stronger than expected showings in his native northeast. In Indiana, which Cruz backers once believed they were favored to win after his strong defeat of Trump in Wisconsin, Cruz’s numbers have fallen precipitously: Once leading, Cruz now trails in the state by eight to 10 points, according to a person who has seen the numbers, with Trump over the 40% mark. Cruz’s campaign did not respond when asked about those figures. (link)
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Mexican Flag-waving Mob Harassing Motorists Outside Trump Rally in Costa Mesa, CA
The picture above is from an anti-Trump procession going on in the San Fernando Valley that has shut down freeway onramps.
The San Fernando Valley traffic jams are separate from the car-burning traffic jams going on in Costa Mesa outside the Trump rally, but both events are united by the prevalence of Mexican flags.
Not really terribly smart about their visuals, are they?
Kylie replies:
They don’t have to be smart about their visuals. They’re on the right side of history. They’re who we are.
From the L.A. Times:
Protests rage outside Trump rally in O.C.; roads closed, police car smashed
Ruben Vives and Matt Hamilton
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Obama’s Civil Rights Divisions--Silent War on the rRghts of the American People

From:Politically Short:
For the past seven years and counting the Obama administration has been engaged in a silent war on the rights of the American people at the hands of an organized network of fringe leftist lawyers working within the Civil Rights Divisions of the Department of Justice (DOJ) as well as the Department of Education (DOE).

These lawyers have been unleashed under the administration to push an ideological agenda that is far outside of the American mainstream all under the banner of protecting civil rights. As noted by J. Christian Adams and Hans A. von Spakovsky of PJ Media, if a president wanted to “fundamentally transform” the nation, he would likely start with the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department because the tentacles of that Division reach into virtually every crevice of American life.

For example, Adams and Spakovsky write that “Federal statutes, under the banner of protecting civil rights, reach home lending, football stadium and theater seating, voting, elections, education, college admissions, apartment rentals, prisons, hiring practices, the use of English, special education programs, religious liberty, abortion clinic protests, arrests, law enforcement, voter rolls, insane asylums, state and local government hiring, swimming pool lift chairs, bathtub design, Spanish language ballots, school discipline, and even if boys can dress in drag in high school”. 

This list barely scratches the surface of the scope of the Civil Rights Division’s powers. Furthermore, it follows that issues as irrelevant as “transgender bathrooms” have now become mainstream as the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ, since 2009, has hired only radically leftist lawyers to push “equality” over such fringe non-issues. This was highlighted in the Every Single One series produced by PJ Media which documented the fact that every single one of the 113 new Justice Department lawyers hired into the Obama Civil Rights Division from January 2009 to January 2011 were politically aligned with leftist causes. This trend didn’t end in January of 2011 either as it continues to this day.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Obama plots with UN to increase Muslim “refugees” from 10,000 to 200,000

By Pam Geller

Obama means to do as much damage as he can in the last months of his failed presidency. Europe is the cautionary tale. It had been struggling with its Muslim population, but this invasion/hijrah is the final nail in the coffin. Obama means to bring it here.
Evil. #Obamastan

The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America

“U.S. plots with United Nations to expand Syrian refugees from 10,000 to 200,000,”  By Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner, 4/25/16, (thanks to Lookmann):

In a move around the standard refugee settlement process in America, the United Nations and the administration are scheming to find other ways to boost the number of Syrians entering the country, from 10,000 this year to possibly 200,000.

U.S. officials, meeting with United Nations human rights officials in Geneva, joined in a project that looks to “alternative safe pathways” to setting Syrian refugees in America and Europe that include pushing colleges and universities to offer tuition programs and encouraging Syrians already in the country to open their homes to those who’ve fled the war-torn Middle East nation.

The plan already has one victory. Last week, the University of Southern California revealed that it is offering five free tuition programs for Syrian refugees, including one in the school’s journalism program.
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First Take: In search of a 'Trump Doctrine'



Theodore Roosevelt famously described his foreign policy with the proverb, "Speak softly and carry a big stick."

Donald Trump does not speak softly.

Delivering remarks from a prompter to keep him on script, the GOP presidential front-runner gave what was billed as a major foreign policy address Wednesday, attempting to tie together a series of blustery soundbites delivered at campaign rallies into a more cohesive foreign policy.

The result: 39 minutes of denunciations, platitudes and unbridled American exceptionalism, bound together with a swagger usually found only on sports radio or single-elimination television reality shows.

SHAW Another example of the media trying very hard to make Trump look like a man in over his head. The American people loved Trump's speech! But that was to be expected because the citizens are just not as bright as the media. This refrain will never change. Who knew that a degree in of all thing, journalism, would create this master intelligence?

Obama's foreign policy, he said, was "reckless, rudderless and aimless."

"The legacy of the Obama-Clinton interventions will be weakness, confusion and disarray, a mess," he said. "It has been a complete and total disaster."
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Secret Service Calls for ‘Taller and Stronger’ White House Fence Following Series of Jumpers

At The Blaze by
The U.S. Secret Service has one thing in common with Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump: They want a “taller and stronger” wall — sort of.

Rather than around the country’s borders, the Secret Service is proposing an improved fence around the White House, following an increase in the number of people attempting to jump the barrier onto the ground of the executive mansion.

The proposed new design would incorporate “anti-climb features” and “intrusion detection technology” in order to deter possible jumpers, according to a statement from a Secret Service spokeswoman. The new “complex design” would feature a fence that is 11 feet and seven inches tall with 1 3/4-inch pickets and taller gates near entrances.

“The current fence simply is not adequate for a modern era. We’ve said that before. It is becoming more and more acutely clear that that is in fact the case,” Secret Service official Tom Dougherty said, according to NBC Washington.
“[The fence] is entirely scale-able, depending upon the circumstances, and we have now a society that tends to want to jump over the fence and onto the 18 acres,” he added.

The current 6-foot fence boasts small spikes, which officials call “pencil points,” that were installed in 2015 after a series of jumpers crossed onto protected White House property.

Shaw Why is the president going to get a new fence around the White House?
He should have a fence like the US border fence that keeps U.S. citizens safe:

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Simple Donald Talks Foreign Policy

From The Daily Wire by Ben Shapiro:

On Wednesday, 2016 Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump delivered a foreign policy speech at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. His speech was well-received by those who now file his toenails for a living, keeping the clippings in a hope jar beneath their beds. They were duly impressed by the fact that he pronounced the word “America” correctly:

We may have fallen a few ticks from Lincoln when your definition of success is pronouncing the name of your home country. And when it comes to “Washington elites,” one wonders whether Gingrich owns a mirror of any sort, or even a shiny reflective object.
It wasn’t just Gingrich, of course. Ann Coulter grabbed a pair of pom-poms to celebrate Trump’s genius.

SHAW It seems the those in the media still are in denial that Donald Trump will become their president. So now the anti-Trump forces will just label him as 'simple.' He may become Pres but he still is not smart. not as smart as we are . Does anyone care what the media thinks of Trump?

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Newt Gingrich on Trump’s speech: The “elites” just don’t get it

From Conservative Read by Chris


Now that Trump’s the all-but-certain nominee, we should probably huddle and get on the same page about the GOP’s new rules of the road.
Namely, am I right in thinking that who qualifies as “elite” for purposes of right-wing agitation now depends entirely on how much or how little they’re willing to kiss Trump’s ass? It didn’t used to be that way, you know.

Back when the party was more principled and more conservative, whether you were “elite” or not depended on how willing you were to kiss, say, Rush Limbaugh’s or Sarah Palin’s ass. But that was a simpler time.

Anyway, Newt Gingrich tweeted this earlier today and Trump critics were having belly laughs over it.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ted Cruz Selects Pro-Life Carly Fiorina as His Vice-Presidential Running Mate

From Life News  Steven Ertelt:

Seeking to shore up support from conservative voters ahead of the Republican Party convention in Cleveland as he runs against Donald Trump and John Kasich, pro-life GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz will announce this afternoon that he will name pro-life former candidate Carly Fiorina as his vice-presidential running mate. After suspending her presidential bid, Fiorina endorsed Cruz over Trump.
Fiorina endorsed Cruz in March, after her own campaign for president ended. She has made appearances on the behalf of the Texas senator and introduced him at a recent campaign stop in Maryland.
Here’s more:
Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is expected to announce former business executive Carly Fiorina will be his vice presidential running mate if he wins the party’s nomination, ABC News affiliate WMUR reported, citing unnamed sources.
Cruz earlier on Wednesday said he would make a major announcement at 4 p.m. on Wednesday but gave no other details. Fiorina endorsed Cruz for the nomination in March, one month after dropping out of the presidential race herself.
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Trump outlines ‘America First’ Foreign Policy

From THE HILL By Julian Hattem

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Wednesday called for the United States to “shake the rust off” its foreign policy and move toward an “America first” model in one of his most focused efforts to outline how his potential administration would operate.

In making a series of attacks on President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Trump offered rough details on some of his proposals to withdraw many of the U.S.’s commitments from overseas and instead use economic leverage to accomplish its goals from afar.

“Americans must know that we’re putting the American people first again,” Trump claimed during the closely scrutinized addressed, from a hotel in downtown Washington.

“On trade, on immigration, on foreign policy, the jobs, incomes and security of the American worker will always be my first priority,” he claimed. “Both our friends and our enemies put their countries above ours, and we — while being fair to them — must start doing the same.”

His foreign policy would replace “randomness with purpose,” he claimed, “ideology with strategy and chaos with peace.”
Trump’s address, delivered with the aide of a teleprompter and interrupted by occasional smatterings of applause, was an obvious effort to put meat on the bones of what he has touted as an “America first” policy. The phrase, which was first used in an interview with the New York Times, originally referred to skeptics of U.S. involvement in World War II, though Trump has so far declined to draw a connection with the history.

Trump hammered on Obama’s legacy, which he characterized as weakening the American military and its foreign clout.
“If President Obama’s goal had been to weaken America, he could not have done a better job,” Trump said.
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Analysis: 4 ways to see the emerging and polarizing Clinton-Trump fall campaign


At USA TODAY by Susan Page

The primaries aren’t over, but the general election has begun.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, bolstering their formidable leads in convention delegates after five Northeastern primaries Tuesday, are increasingly focused on the fall campaign they expect to wage against one another.

“I consider myself the presumptive nominee, absolutely,” Trump declared in New York.
In Philadelphia, Clinton’s victory speech was aimed at Trump. “Despite what other candidates say,” she said, “we believe in the goodness of our people and the greatness of our nation.”
Trump easily won Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. Clinton won in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and Connecticut, while Bernie Sanders won Rhode Island.

It sounds like the pitch for the ultimate reality TV show: an election that would pit two of the most polarizing figures in public life today in the race for the White House — one the wife of a former president, herself a former senator and secretary of State; the other a billionaire businessman who has never run for office before.

The primary results and exit polls in the contests provide clues about the outlines of a possible Clinton-Trump contest.

Two words: Brace yourself.
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Never Trump super-PAC: Trump can still be stopped after Tuesday races

At The Hill by Jonathan Swan:

The biggest anti-Trump super-PAC says it expects Donald Trump will win all five Republican "Acela primary" states, but the group claims it can still topple the billionaire even if he wins 100 percent of the delegates on Tuesday night.

Our Principles PAC, a group funded by conservative billionaires including the Ricketts family, which owns the Chicago Cubs baseball team, sent out a memo early Tuesday evening preempting a bad night for the Never Trump forces.

"Just as we anticipated with New York, we expect Donald Trump to carry all five states in play tonight," said Katie Packer, chairwoman of Our Principles PAC, which has already spent more than $16 million opposing Trump. 

"He has polled strongly in these states for months, and neither Our Principles PAC nor the Cruz and Kasich efforts have invested resources in trying to win statewide anywhere tonight."
But Our Principles PAC claims its plan to stop Trump does not hinge on tonight's results. 

"While we hope to deprive him of a handful of delegates tonight, the path to the nomination does not hinge on any of today’s outcomes and that is why our resource allocation has been limited," Packer said in the memo.

"If Trump were to win ALL the committed delegates at stake in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Connecticut tonight as well as the majority of delegates in Rhode Island, this would have no meaningful impact on his nearly impossible path to 1,237. 
"April 19 and 26 have always been identified as tough dates for our efforts--tonight’s results are neither surprising nor decisive."