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Leave Obama Alone! Liberals Actually Believe Obama Is the First President to Be Publicly Criticized

By Andrew Stiles 

As the world burns, President Obama is taking criticism from all sides. Even Salon editor (and Free Beacon aficionado) Joan Walsh has conceded: “I’d probably have suggested not golfing after [Obama’s] moving statement on journalist James Foley’s execution.”

Of course, most of this criticism is due to the prevalence of social media, but even so, Obama defenders have returned to one of their favorite arguments: Criticism of our current president is unprecedented; literally no one criticized the sitting president until 2009.

Did Franklin Roosevelt play a lot golf during his presidency? Franklin. Roosevelt. Whatever, don’t want to step on the narrative. And we all know that George W. Bush was never criticized for golfing.

For some reason, this blog post from 2013 is making the rounds on social media. It’s called
 “A Canadian’s View on Our Disrespect of President Obama’s Presidency.” The Canadian is William Thomas, an “author, a scriptwriter and a nationally syndicated humour columnist,” and the post is utter, ahistorical nonsense—in other words: perfectly in keeping with the “criticism of Obama is unprecedented” crowd!

It’s not a new idea by any means, but it deserves refuting every time it rears its head. Here’s Thomas:
There was a time not so long ago when Americans, regardless of their political stripes, rallied round their president. Once elected, the man who won the White House was no longer viewed as a republican or democrat, but the President of the United States.
The oath of office was taken, the wagons were circled around the country’s borders and it was America versus the rest of the world with the president of all the people at the helm.
Suddenly President Barack Obama, with the potential to become an exceptional president has become the glaring exception to that unwritten, patriotic rule.
Obama, the Canadian writes, is being “treated with the kind of deep disrespect to which no previous president was subjected.” So he’s presumably suggesting that 2000 and 2004 were years in which “Americans, regardless of their political stripes, rallied round” President George W. Bush—you know, the guy who “stole the election,” had liberals threatening to move to Canada, and inspired assassination-themed fan fiction. Ok, fine, but people these days are just way meaner to Obama:
The health-care debate, which looked more like extreme fighting in a mud pit than a national dialogue, revealed a very vulgar side of America. President Obama’s face appeared on protest signs white-faced and blood-mouthed in a satanic clown image. In other tasteless portrayals, people who disagreed with his position distorted his face to look like Hitler complete with mustache and swastika.
Odd, that burning the flag makes Americans crazy, but depicting the president as a clown and a maniacal fascist is accepted as part of the new rude America.

'Secret law is a threat to Democracy,’ Dems warn in letter to Obama

Four House Democrats have teamed up with privacy advocates to protest a “secret law” that they say authorizes spying on some Americans' emails and online messages.

The lawmakers, organizations and former administration officials told the White House in a recent letter that the Obama administration should declassify “all current and future legal opinions” or legal interpretations that permit spying under a controversial executive order.

They also urged President Obama to ban “disproportionate or unnecessary” collection of people’s messages, Internet chats and other communications.
“Secret law is a threat to democracy,” Reps. John Conyers (D-Mich.), Alan Grayson (D-Fla.), Rush Holt (D-N.J.) and Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) wrote in a letter joined by groups including the American Civil Liberties Union, Electronic Frontier Foundation and Access.
“We will continue to work to build support for further privacy protections for all users in surveillance activities conducted under [Executive Order] 12333,” they added, referring to a contested order from the Reagan administration amended by former President George W. Bush. The letter was also sent to the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, a small government watchdog panel.
The presidential order gives the National Security Agency (NSA) the power to collect Internet communications from people abroad, including the contents of their emails and online messages.

Though it cannot target Americans’ communications, those messages can be picked up “incidentally” during the course of an oversees investigation, which critics say amounts to a violation of civil rights.
“For decades, the NSA and other intelligence agencies have been spying on millions of users without any meaningful limits,” said Access senior policy counsel Amie Stepanovich in a statement. “The president can and must stop these gross violations of our rights that continue without any oversight or accountability."
The order has come under new scrutiny lately and will be the subject of new analysis at the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board.

NSA officials have defended the legal power, which they say is limited by “extensive and multi-layered” oversight and protects people in the U.S. and around the globe.
Government leaker Edward Snowden has also been critical of the law.

Before fleeing to Hong Kong and then Russia, Snowden had asked his supervisors whether executive orders superseded laws, a reference to the powers of Executive Order 12333, Snowden’s lawyer told Ars Technica.

Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin: Pentagon ‘At Odds With The Administration’ Over ISIS Strategy [VIDEO]

Image SHAW

DailyCaller  Retired Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin claimed there “isn’t any question that the Pentagon is at odds with the administration” over how to deal with ISIS, noting a palpable “rift” between the military and the Obama White House on a strategy for confronting the Islamic terror group.

Boykin spoke Tuesday with Fox News’ Gretchen Carlson about the apparent disconnect between the Pentagon and President Barack Obama’s messaging on ISIS. Contrary to the president’s claim that he doesn’t yet have a strategy, on Tuesday Pentagon spokesman John Kirby insisted the military does have a plan to defeat the Islamic fundamentalists.

“Is the Pentagon at odds with the White House, or how does that work?” Carlson asked.
“Well, don’t think there’s any question that the Pentagon is at odds with the administration at this point,” Boykin claimed. “Look, when the chairman of the Joint Chiefs makes a statement on Thursday and then backtracks on Sunday from what he said, it’s a clear indication that he’s been given some instructions from the White House to modify what he said.”
“There is a rift between the two,” the former general continued. “The military wants to take care of this problem. The military sees it as being a situation in which there is, in fact, some military solution to this.”

Boykin went on to excoriate the president for his “weakness” and “feckless response” to the beheading of American journalists — now including Steven Sotloff, who’s brutal execution was made public in a video released by ISIS on Tuesday.

 (RELATED: ISIS Beheads American Journalist Steven Sotloff)

Breitbart News Interview with Reagan NSA Chief Robert “Bud” McFarlane- About Threats we face--the Islamic State and advances of Russia and China.

McFarlane served two combat tours in Vietnam, achieving the rank of Lieutenant Colonel after 20 years of military service in the Marine Corps. He is now CEO of McFarlane Associates Inc, and serves on the boards of a number of premier national security and foreign policy organizations.

Breitbart News: President Obama said “We don’t have a strategy yet” when it comes to the Islamic State. What’s your take on that statement?
Robert “Bud” McFarlane: Its astonishing for a C​ommander-in-​C​hief who has at hand intelligence resources to identify threats to our country and to plan in advance to deter or overcome them. Awareness of the steady gains made by the Islamic State, and of how well-f​i​nanced, well-armed and ruthless they are should have triggered focused planning and the development of a strategy going back several months.
For the president to acknowledge that he doesn’t have a strategy at this stage represents a serious dereliction of duty.
The military plans constantly and I’m sure they have been developing their own alternatives for ways of coping with the Islamic State. The president’s responsible as Commander-in-​Chief is to oversee that strategy, reach decisions, and approve the measures that will be needed to carry it out. He also needs to go garner support from the American people and Congress, and our allies overseas, but that just hasn’t happened.

Breitbart News: Why hasn’t president Obama chosen that route? Why hasn’t he made the case to the American people and Congress?
McFarlane: It seems to me that he may not have a clear understanding of what our interests in countering terrorism are in the Middle East, and specifically, in countering terrorism​.

A​n understanding of how serious this is as a new source for the growth of a well-financed, well-armed, and well-trained center of terrorist operations. It puts people at risk not just in Erbil and Baghdad, but also in Chicago, Washington, and throughout the United States.

Breitbart News: Does the Islamic State pose “no credible threat” to US national security interests, as the FBI and DHS recently concluded in a memo to law enforcement?
McFarlane: I would emphatically disagree with that assessment. One only needs to consider that last week, the Islamic State took control of Tabqa air base in Syria​ a facilty that stores ​MANPADS, or Man-portable air-defense systems. The​se​ are the kinds of weapons that can bring down a commercial airliner. The Islamic State has said that they intend to attack the United States. That could very well happen through an attack of a commercial airliner departing for America from Dubai or other Middle Eastern points-of-origin.

The Islamic State could also breach our very porous borders in the South and take down an airliner at DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth airport) in Texas. The group represents a serious threat to the American people, and it requires an urgent focus that has been absent ​for too long.

Breitbart News: How do we defeat the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria?
McFarlane: Given the advanced capabilities of the Islamic State, as evidenced by their agility, speed, tactical sophistication and understanding of the local culture and terrain in consolidating control over territory in Iraq and Syria, there are several options we could implement moving forward.
We must first contain the problem, and then squeeze IS forces until they are destroyed. This starts with promptly annunciating a strategy founded on the military goal of containing the Islamic State within its current footprint in Syria and Iraq, and calling upon Iraqis, Kurds, and other regional allies to help. This includes Saudi Arabia, the Gulf states, Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, and Israel. Its going to take a lot of heavy-lifting for the president ​and go​ing​ to those countries to engender ​the establishment of ​a standing regional security bod
These countries need to be engaged, and properly through sending our Secretaries of State and Defense to bring​ those parties​ together​. We must talk about the nature of the threat, and the steps needed to put together the forces necessary to contain this barbarism, ​the ​degenerate IS group that we are facing. This cannot be done without American advisors on the ground to assist the Iraqi, Kurdish, and other volunteer military elements in a coordinated military containment strategy. In parallel, an expedited training program needs to be put in the field, so we can get boots ​on the ground from other Arab countries, working side by side with our advisors. We need a significant number of advisors and special operations forces, in the thousands, to first contain, then roll back​, the Islamic State and ​finally ​destroy it.

We also need to get the Europeans engaged in a parallel planning process. Its going to take heavy-lifting with our top officials engaging in a sustained way to point out the obvious: we are all at risk. Whether its through the immediate possibility of the MANPADS that were captured, to the resident populations of IS members in the UK, France, Germany, elsewhere.
In short, we are at war, and the parties that are threatened in this war by the Islamic State, which include the US, Europe, and other Middle Eastern and North African countries, have a major challenge. The response doesn’t have to be all-A​merican. It has to be American-led, but must involve the regional parties, and must be launched promptly.
Breitbart News: Are any particular countries more vulnerable than others as the Islamic State’s next target?
McFarlane: Jordan is extremely vulnerable, as are Kuwait and Lebanon. These countries do not have great strength military.

Breitbart News: It appears as if Russia has invaded Ukraine. President Obama has already weighed in and​ declared no military action will be taken. What should we be doing to support ​Ukraine​?
McFarlane: Show leadership. The NATO alliance and the United States have been ​collecting​ a “peace dividend” essentially since the end of the Cold War. We have assumed too easily that the victory in the Cold War would lead to peace, democracy, and reconciliation.

Source: Obama Given Detailed Intelligence About rise of ISIS for A YEAR!

Dick Durbin in Danger? Dem’s lead shrinking in Senate reelection race

By Tom Howell Jr.

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin leads his Republican challenger by 7 percentage points, according to a new poll that shows the Democrat’s cushion shrinking.

Mr. Durbin has a 47.8-40.5 percent edge over businessman and state Sen. Jim Oberweis, the Chicago Sun Times’ Early Often Poll senate-race/mon-

As the No. 2 Democrat in the Senate, Mr. Durbin has enjoyed the kind of lead that fellow incumbents in red-leaning states like Arkansas and Louisiana have not.
However, his margin appears to be shrinking. A Rasmussen poll from April had Mr. Durbin leading by 14 points, and a CBS News/New York Times/YouGov poll from July had him up by 8 points, according to the Sun Times.
Both candidates have weaknesses, the poll found, with voters reporting they are less likely to vote for long-time politicians like Mr. Durbin and candidates who run repeatedly, like Mr. Oberweis.

NATO Weighs Rapid Response Force for Eastern Europe--Russian War


As Ukrainian leaders warned on Monday of “a great war” with Russia, NATO leaders meeting in Wales this week were expected to endorse their most concrete response yet to increased Russian military intervention in Ukraine: establishing a rapid-reaction force capable of deploying quickly to Eastern Europe, officials of the alliance said.

The new force of some 4,000 troops, capable of moving on 48 hours’ notice, will be supported with logistics and equipment pre-positioned in Eastern European countries closer to Russia, with an upgraded schedule of military exercises and deployments that are intended to make NATO’s commitment of collective defense more credible and enhance its deterrence.

The agreement is planned as the substantive centerpiece of the NATO meeting, which will take place Thursday and Friday and will be attended by President Obama, who will also stop in Estonia before the summit meeting. His aides said the trip was intended to highlight the United States’ commitment to NATO, and the alliance’s determination to protect all 28 members from aggression — from Moscow or elsewhere.

Ferguson Police Begin Wearing Cameras


Police in the US town roiled by protests after the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager are now wearing body cameras in a bid to calm local anger, a news report said.

More than 1,000 protesters again marched Saturday in the town of Ferguson, Missouri, over the August 9 killing of Michael Brown, 18, at the hands of a white police officer.

Some in the St. Louis suburb have also lashed out at the police response to the protests -- which turned violent on several occasions -- accusing authorities of unnecessarily heavy-handed tactics.

Ferguson police began wearing the cameras on Saturday, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, quoting the town's police chief Tom Jackson as saying the force -- which is overwhelmingly white -- was donated about 50 body cameras by two companies.

"We are still playing with them," Jackson reportedly said, adding that each officer will get one to use.

"The quality is good," he said.
Critics believe police will be more accountable if they wear cameras, which will also allow judges and juries to view for themselves police action in disputed incidents.
A grand jury is hearing evidence to determine whether police officer Darren Wilson, 28, used excessive force in fatally shooting Brown, who was hit at least six times.

Via Breitbart

Email Reveals Lois Lerner Ignored Political Expenditures By Unions

By Connor D. Wolf

The official at the center of the Internal Revenue Service tea party scandal once dismissed complaints that labor unions were not reporting millions of dollars in political activities on their tax forms, according to an email obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

In 2007, Lerner responded directly to a complaint that some major labor unions reported completely different amounts of political expenditures when filing with the IRS and the Department of Labor.

At the time of the email, Lerner was the Director of Exempt Organizations at the IRS.
Lerner wrote, “We looked at the information you provided regarding organizations that report substantial amounts of political activity and lobbying expenditures on the DOL Form LM-2, but report little to no political expenditures on the Form 990 filed with the IRS.”
“We believe this difference in reporting does not necessarily indicate that the organization has incorrectly reported to either the DOL or the IRS,” Lerner concluded.
Don Todd, the deputy assistant secretary of the Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS) at the time the email was sent, confirmed seeing Lerner’s email and remembering similar complaints at the time. OLMS oversees labor union financial disclosures within the Department of Labor.
“The laws never been enforced,” Todd told TheDCNF. “The IRS was telling us it would cost more to enforce the law then they would collect.”
In 2006, the year leading up to Lerner’s email, the national headquarters for the AFL-CIO reported no direct or indirect political expenditures with the IRS on their 990 form, leaving the line 81a blank. That same year, the AFL-CIO reported $29,585,661 in political activities with the Department of Labor.

Also in 2006 the Teamsters Union reported no political expenditures with the IRS while at the same time reporting $7,081,965 with the Labor Department.

Again in 2006, Unite-Here reported no political activity with the IRS and $1,451,002 with the Labor Department.

In 2005, the National Education Association also reported no political expenditures with the IRS while at the same time reporting $24,985,250 with the Labor Department.

ISIS Says, “The US-Mexican Border Is Now Open,” - Plan Crossing Into The US Through It

Image SHAW 

An ISIS propaganda trading group recently posted these disturbing words on Twitter:
the US-Mexican border is now open large numbers of people crossing

The Texas law department found a message on Twitter from ISIS, saying
Americans in for ruin (sic).

ISIS wants to cross into the United States through the US-Mexican border. The Texas Department of Public Safety has given this warning:
A review of ISIS social media messaging during the week ending August 26 shows that militants are expressing an increased interest in the notion that they could clandestinely infiltrate the southwest border of US, for terror attack … Social media account holders believed to be ISIS militants and propagandists have called for unspecified border operations, or they have sought to raise awareness that illegal entry through Mexico is a viable option … The identities of persons operating these accounts cannot be independently verified; however the accounts were selected for monitoring based on several indications that they have been used by actual ISIS militants for propaganda purposes and collectively reach tens of thousands of followers One account was verified as belonging to an individual located in Mosul, Iraq.

Judicial Watch has made this statement: 
Agents across a number of Homeland Security, Justice and Defense agencies have all been placed on alert and instructed to aggressively work all possible leads and sources concerning this imminent terrorist threat

According to the Texas law department, some 32 Facebook and Twitter posts by jihadists have been found expressing interest in the US-Mexican border, with even "calls for border infiltration.

Thomas Sowell:Irresponsible Choices

By Thomas Sowell
Image SHAW

The latest Gallup poll indicates that 14 percent of the people “moderately disapprove” of Barack Obama’s performance as president and 39 percent “strongly disapprove.”

Since Obama won two presidential elections, chances are that some of those who now “strongly disapprove” of what he has done voted to put him in office. We all make mistakes, but the real question is whether we learn from them.

With many people now acting as if it is time for “a woman” to become president, apparently they have learned absolutely nothing from the disastrous results of the irresponsible self-indulgence of choosing a President of the United States on the basis of demographic characteristics, instead of individual qualifications.

It would not matter to me if the next five presidents in a row were all women, if these happened to be the best individuals available at the time. But to say that we should now elect “a woman” president in 2016 is to say that we are willfully blind to the dangers of putting life and death decisions in the hands of someone chosen for symbolic reasons.

If we were to choose just “a woman” as our next president, would that mean that any criticism of that president would be considered to be a sign of being against women?

No public official should be considered to be above criticism — and the higher up that official is, the more important it is to hold his or her feet to the fire when it comes to carrying out duties involving the life and death of individuals and the fate of the nation.

We have not yet had a Jewish president. If and when we do, does that mean that any criticism of that individual should be stigmatized and dismissed as anti-Semitism? What of our first Italian American president, our first Asian American president?
Human beings of every background are imperfect creatures. When they are in a position high enough for their imperfections to bring disasters to more than 300 million Americans, the last thing we need is to stifle criticism of what they do.
It is by no means guaranteed that this country will survive the long-run consequences of the disastrous decisions already made by Barack Obama, especially his pretense of stopping Iran’s becoming a nuclear power. Obama may no longer be in office when those chickens come home to roost.

If we wake up some morning and find some American city in radioactive ruins, will we connect the dots and see this as a consequence of voting to elect an unknown and untried man, for the sake of racial symbolism?

Among those who look around for someone to blame, how many will look in the mirror?
Presidents already have too much insulation from criticism — and from reality.

Even Democrats are abandoning Obama, Videos

By Amy Miller

It seems like even the most staunch democrats are waking up to the realities of Obama’s America—especially the political realities.

Republicans need to capture 5 of the 6 most competitive Senate seats in the 2014 midterms to regain control of the chamber and end Majority Leader Harry Reid’s reign of terror against Republican legislation.

This means unseating at least three incumbent Democrats in states that Mitt Romney swept in 2012, and national democrats are nervous at the prospect.

Why? Because Barack Obama is a toxic commodity.
Via Politico:
Six years ago, Obama’s massive campaign organization helped to sweep several Senate Democrats, now the most endangered, into office with his appeal to unite political factions.
Now, he’s an attack line.
Across the country, from Alaska and Colorado, to Louisiana and North Carolina, Republicans are citing how often the Democratic incumbent sided with the White House on votes in Congress. It’s a tactic Democrats used to great effect in 2006 when they wrestled back control of the Senate by linking every incumbent to President George W. Bush, who was even more unpopular than Obama.
“He’s going to be an anchor on each one of these Democrats all the way through,” said Guy Harrison, a media consultant for the Republican Senate nominees in Arkansas, Colorado and North Carolina. “They’re trying to grasp every life preserver they can, but the anchor of Obama is still going to pull them down.”

In key battleground states like North Carolina, where Senator Kay Hagan is in a knock down/drag out to keep her seat, Barack Obama’s presence seems to have served as nothing more than a springboard for Hagan’s attacks against the current Administration’s handling of veterans’ issues:
When Obama arrived in North Carolina on Tuesday to speak at the American Legion’s annual meeting, Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan — along with Republican Sen. Richard Burr — greeted him on the tarmac and gave him a kiss on the cheek.
But by the time Air Force One touched down in Charlotte, she had already pulled up the welcome mat, attacking his management of the Department of Veterans Affairs as a means of differentiate herself from the president. In prepared remarks for her own speech to the convention released ahead of the president’s visit — though she didn’t speak until after him — she added that the administration “has a long road ahead to restore the faith and trust of our veterans.”

Monday, September 1, 2014

David Cameron Just Proposed Sweeping New Anti-Terror Laws To Confront ISIS In Britain


U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday proposed sweeping new anti-terror legislation he said would help to mitigate the threat to Britain from the group calling itself the Islamic State (also ISIS or ISIL).
In a speech to the House of Commons on Monday, Cameron proposed giving British police the temporary power to seize the passports of British citizens who are suspected of attempting to travel to join or support the terror group. 
"We will introduce specific and targeted legislation ... providing the police with a temporary power to seize a passport at the border during which time they will be able to investigate the individual concerned," Cameron said. 

According to CNN, Cameron also announced he would introduce legislation of his own providing police "enhanced use of exclusion zones" or "relocation powers" to aid police in tracking potential supporters of ISIS.

The sweeping new moves come in response to the British government's raising of the country's terror threat level to "severe," the second-highest of five potential levels. According to the government, it means an attack is "highly likely," but there was no specific intelligence to indicate an imminent attack on U.K. soil.

In a statement delivered from Downing Street in London on Friday afternoon, Cameron hinted at the coming push for legislation, saying Britain was facing a "greater and deeper threat to our security than we have known before." He said confronting ISIS was part of a generational struggle that he thought could last "decades."
"Poisonous ideology of Islamist extremism is the root cause of the terror threat," Cameron said. "We will always act with urgency when needed."
The West — particularly the U.S. and U.K. — have increased their warnings about ISIS in the wake of the group's brutal murder of American journalist James Foley last month. A 23-year-old former British rapper is considered a prime suspect in Foley's beheading

At least 500 people from Britain have traveled to Middle Eastern regions to join ISIS, Cameron said Friday. Western officials have warned about the possibility of ISIS fighters holding Western countries' passports traveling back to those countries to plan and possibly launch attacks.
"We have all been shocked and sickened by the barbarism we have witnessed in Iraq this summer, the widespread slaughter of Muslims by fellow Muslims, the vicious persecution of religious minorities such as Christians and Yazidis, the enslavement and raping of women and, of course, the beheading of American journalist James Foley with the voice of what seems to have been a British terrorist recorded on that video," Cameron said Monday.

FEDS to Advertise Settlement Allowing Deported Illegals to Return--Please Come Back!

By Tony Lee

As part of a legal settlement that will allow some illegal immigrants who deported themselves from Southern California to return to the United States, the federal government has agreed to advertise the settlement on various Mexican and Spanish-language media outlets.
The ACLU filed a class-action lawsuit last year on behalf of eleven illegal immigrants who deported themselves. The settlement reached on Wednesday will only cover "longtime California residents with relatives who are U.S. citizens and... young migrants whose parents brought them into the country illegally" who deported themselves between 2009 and 2013.
An ACLU official has indicated that there were nearly 250,000 people who were "deported voluntarily from Southern California between 2009 and 2013" and estimated to the Los Angeles Times that the "number of repatriations could reach into the hundreds or thousands."
The U.S. government, through ad buys online, in print, on billboards, and on radio stations, will hope to reach "friends and family of the affected class" in Southern California and Mexico. According to the settlement, the federal government will advertise on television channels like Univision, ESPN Deportes, MundoFox, El Universal, and the Univision Deportes Network.

They will also partner with People en Espanol and even the Mexico National Football Team in addition to placing billboards "in high population Mexican border cities of Tijuana, Tecate and Mexicali, as well as focusing placements near border crossings."

U.S. officials will also place "radio ads :60 in length... on top Spanish speaking radio stations near the Mexico/U.S. border." Those who search for "Lopez Case," "Lopez Class Action," "Voluntary Return to Mexico," "Rights for Detainees," "Detained by ICE," and "Returned to Mexico by ICE" will also be targeted with information about the settlement.

ABC, CBS, NBC Schooled on Covering IRS Scandal

Big Three spent ’0 seconds’ covering stunning developments

Unlike her colleagues at the Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) networks, investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson, on Tuesday night, actually dug into the finer points behind the big bombshells revealed in the IRS scandal this week.

Invited on Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs Tonight to discuss the revelations of a Department of Justice (DOJ) lawyer confirming the existence of Lois Lerner’s “missing” e-mails and the IRS’s destruction of her Blackberry (stories the networks through Wednesday morning have yet to touch) Attkisson also did a great job of explaining the conflict of interest going on at the DOJ.

Laying down the trail of bread crumbs for any network reporter to follow, Attkisson told Dobbs that at the same time the DOJ was “defending the IRS in court in the civil case with Judicial Watch” it was “also investigating the IRS. 

So at the same time it’s supposed to conduct a fair and impartial investigation on the one hand…it is defending the IRS in court on the other hand on the missing document cases. I think there is a potential appearance of a conflict of interest there.”

Not only have the networks not examined the conflict of interest case at the DOJ, they haven’t even bothered to report on the big revelations in the IRS scandal this week.

On Monday, Judicial Watch’s president Tom Fitton told FNC’s Shannon Bream that a Justice Department attorney told them the missing Lois Lerner e-mails do exist. On that same day it was also revealed that the IRS destroyed Lerner’s Blackberry after the congressional probe had begun.

Big Three network coverage of these stunning developments through Wednesday morning?    0 seconds.