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Horowitz: Is Rubio Really the Most Electable Candidate?

At: Conservative review by Daniel Horowitz

It is a mantra that has been repeated so many times it has become de facto reality in the minds of those who watch Marco Rubio’s Super PAC, aka Fox News.  “Marco Rubio is the most electable candidate and we absolutely must defeat Hillary.  He’s the one!,” we are told incessantly by the smart “conservatives.” 

Asserting one candidate is more electable than another is always a fool’s errand.  After all, this frantic concern of electability is what got us the nominations of Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney.  Moreover, with the most radical and unappealing pair of Democrat candidates in modern history, it’s hard to claim that only the “most electable” Republican is capable of defeating them, even with 2016’s transformed demographics. 


Breitbart:National Journal: Luntz Fails to Disclose Rubio Connection


S.V. D├íte writes at National Journal:

Polit­ic­al junkies who fol­low Re­pub­lic­an mes­saging guru Frank Luntz know how he felt that Marco Ru­bio per­formed in the most re­cent GOP pres­id­en­tial de­bate—his tele­vised fo­cus group, his Twit­ter stream, and his in­ter­views left no doubt that he’s a Ru­bio fan.

What they prob­ably don’t know about is Luntz’s close re­la­tion­ship with Ru­bio over the years, and how Ru­bio paid Luntz’s firm a third of a mil­lion dol­lars to pro­duce and pro­mote a book that Ru­bio used to im­prove his statewide name re­cog­ni­tion in Flor­ida a dec­ade ago.

It’s not clear wheth­er Fox News was aware of that his­tory when it broad­cast Luntz quizz­ing fo­cus-group mem­bers fol­low­ing the de­bate, eli­cit­ing re­sponses such as “con­fid­ent,” “elo­quent,” elect­able,” and “pres­id­en­tial.” (But not fol­low­ing up with one dis­sid­ent who called Ru­bio an “at­tract­ive op­por­tun­ist.”)

Fox did not re­spond to a Na­tion­al Journ­al query. Nor did Luntz, a pop­u­lar con­sult­ant in Re­pub­lic­an circles whose cli­ents, ac­cord­ing to Fed­er­al Elec­tion Com­mis­sion re­cords, have in­cluded House Speak­er Paul Ry­an,


Rep. Tom Price (R-GA)
of Geor­gia, and the Amer­ic­an Cross­roads su­per PAC in re­cent years. Between May 2005 and Au­gust 2007, when Ru­bio was first speak­er-des­ig­nate and then speak­er of the House, the Re­pub­lic­an Party of Flor­ida paid Luntz’s con­sult­ing com­pan­ies a total of $345,451, ac­cord­ing to Flor­ida Di­vi­sion of Elec­tions fil­ings. 

That was the peri­od when Luntz helped Ru­bio pro­duce his “100 In­nov­at­ive Ideas” pro­ject, which in­cluded a book of policy pro­pos­als that Ru­bio pushed dur­ing his two years in charge of the state House.


Thank God Ted Cruz Is No Marco Rubio

From TownHall by  Lee Culpepper

Why must some conservatives act like forsaken-liberal women or liberals who support the Washington Redskins? Honestly. No matter what they have going for them in other areas of life, some people just can’t get enough betrayal or disappointment.

It’s really depressing listening to otherwise normal people jabber on about how the rest of us could give Marco Rubio a second chance -- during the primary, no less. Why can’t these people just accept that Rubio isn’t the guy they want him to be?

What drives this twisted compulsion to see Marco the way some conservatives can only wish that he were? You know, just like Ted Cruz, but not as courageous, smart, or consistently right on all the issues.

Maybe it’s their inability to accept that they are wrong. Maybe in their hearts, they believe they know more than the rest of us. Maybe it’s our own lying eyes. Maybe they are just morally superior and more forgiving than everyone else. In other words, maybe it’s just their own foolish pride. Who knows?

Whatever it is, please -- for the love of God -- just get over it.

Rubio proved himself to be the fixer-upper we’ll have to settle for if he’s the only guy left after the prmary. Until then, he deserves to be on his own.


Why pundits, politicians and the press hate Ted Cruz

From Foxnews by Todd Starnes

Shaw: Cruz is not the Frontrunner. Donald Trump is.

Senator Ted Cruz is now the frontrunner in the Republican race for the White House.
But if you believe the Mainstream Media and the political pundits -- Marco Rubio won the Iowa Caucus.

Just look at Tuesday's news coverage -- they marginalized Senator Cruz -- and glorified Senator Rubio.

And that's the narrative. Cruz may have won -- but Rubio is more electable. And yet... the numbers in Iowa tell a very different story.

One out of three evangelical voters chose Cruz -- so did four out of ten very conservative voters.
And 26 percent of young voters -- 18 to 29 - -- they didn't vote for Rubio -- they also voted for Cruz.

The voters recognize  a simple truth. Senator Cruz has been a man of his word

-- a principled conservative -- and that is something the Establishment cannot tolerate.


The Media is Still Doing Whatever Trump Wants Them to Do

From Red State by Leon H Wolf

It really is disgusting the extent to which the media has begun to panic about the idea that they won’t have Trump around as a Republican frontrunner to drive their ratings anymore. I’ve talked before at length here about the obsessive, symbiotic relationship the media has had with Trump, and how they are clearly dedicated to doing whatever they can to keeping him in the news as long as possible – which means of course that he needs to win the Republican nomination.
So what the media does is give him basically infinite free airtime, then goes as intentionally over-the-top high handed as they can when criticizing him so that it galvanizes his supporters. 
They know exactly what they are doing. They chuckle all the time, on air, about how being criticized by them is probably going to help his polls. And that is exactly what Trump wants them to do, so they are doing it.


Marco Rubio To Jorge Ramos: I Will Keep Obama’s First Executive Amnesty In Place Until Legislative Amnesty Enacted

At Breitbart By Julia Hahn

In a little-noticed interview late last year with Univision’s Jorge Ramos, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) declared that, as President, he would keep Barack Obama’s executive amnesty for DREAMers in place until it was permanently codified through legislation.

Rubio said, in part:
DACA…applies to young people that arrived in this country at a very young age before they were adults and I don’t think we can immediately revoke that… I’m not calling for it to be revoked tomorrow, or this week, or right away.
“I think it will have to end at some point and I hope it will end because of some reform to the immigration laws,” Rubio said in English.

So Rubio is pledging to carry Obama’s policy: leaving the executive amnesty for DREAMers in place until Congress submits to the order by legislatively ratifying amnesty. After a legislatively ratified DREAM Act, illegal aliens would be able to vote in U.S. elections and bring their relatives to work and collect entitlements in the United States.

The similarity to President Obama’s rhetoric is striking. President Obama told Congress: “if folks are serious about getting immigration reform done [they should be] passing a bill and getting it to my desk. And then the executive actions that I take go away.” Similarly, Obama told George Stephanopoulos after being pressed on his executive amnesty: “Well, my response is pass a bill.”


PBuchanan: The Reminderman--Rubio is "The Hustler"

Patrick J Buchanan Blog

Donald Trump won more votes in the Iowa caucuses than any Republican candidate in history.
Impressive, except Ted Cruz set the new all-time record.

And Marco Rubio exceeded all expectations by taking 23 percent.

Cruz won Tea Party types, Evangelicals, and the hard right.

Trump won the populists and nationalists who want the borders secure, no amnesty, and no more trade deals that enable rival powers like China to disembowel American industries.

And Rubio? He is what columnist Mark Shields called Jimmy Carter, 35 years ago, “the remainderman of national politics. He gets what’s left over after his opponents have taken theirs by being the least unacceptable alternative to the greatest number of voters.”

Marco is the fallback position of a reeling establishment that is appalled by Trump, loathes Cruz, and believes Rubio — charismatic, young, personable — can beat Hillary Clinton.
But there is a problem here for the establishment.

While Rubio has his catechism down cold — “I’ll tear up that Iran deal my first day in office!” — his victory would mean a rejection of the populist revolt that arose with Trump’s entry and has grown to be embraced by a majority of Republicans.

Cruz, Trump, Carson — the outsiders — won over 60 percent of all caucus votes. Their anti-Washington messages, Trump and Cruz’s especially, grew the GOP turnout to its largest in history, 186,000, half again as many as participated in the record turnout of 2012.


Thursday, February 4, 2016

Marco Rubio’s Challenge To Barack Obama’s Mosque Speech Causes the Left To Have A Cow

At Red State by  streiff (Diary)

Yesterday, Barack Obama visited a Baltimore mosque to give an address. This is not must your run-of-the-mill mosque, this is a mosque with a lengthy and well=publicized links to radical (i.e. garden variety) Islam.

During his speech he perpetuated the lie that there is rampant discrimination against Muslims in a America, when federal hate crime data show that violence against Jews and synagogues is much higher than the piddly-sh** directed at Muslims — to the extent that the alleged hate crimes aren’t carried out by Muslims, themselves, as a provocation. At no point did he point out that Muslim communities have an obligation to rid themselves of radicals… though he did take some time to blame law enforcement for profiling And he pushed his ludicrous, ISIS-and-al-Qaeda-aren’t-Islam construction. And there was some truly stupid stuff thrown in for good measuere. This is my favorite:
 And so if we’re serious about freedom of religion — and I’m speaking now to my fellow Christians who remain the majority in this country — we have to understand an attack on one faith is an attack on all our faiths.
Marco Rubio took the time to respond to this nonsense. It was recorded by American Bridge, which is a Democrat oppo-research super PAC.

“I’m tired of being divided against each other for political reasons like this president’s done,” Rubio said at a Wednesday campaign stop in Dover, New Hampshire. “Always pitting people against each other. Always! Look at today: He gave a speech at a mosque. Oh, you know, basically implying that America is discriminating against Muslims.”
Rubio added: “Of course there’s discrimination in America, of every kind. But the bigger issue is radical Islam. And by the way, radical Islam poses a threat to Muslims themselves. They argue that. They’ll tell you that. But again, it’s this constant pitting people against each other. I can’t stand that. It’s hurting our country badly.”

Marco Rubio is Running Scared

From: WaPost by Dana Millbank

Marco Rubio is in an enviable position among mainstream Republican presidential candidates after his strong finish in Iowa. Yet the man is running scared.

The young Floridian is stumping through New Hampshire as if he’s campaigning to win the Cautious Caucus. He gives the same speech everywhere. The most tightly managed candidate in the race, he shuns risk and appears to live in mortal terror of mentioning the man who dominates the race.

 At a town hall event here in central New Hampshire on Wednesday morning, Rubio, as usual, didn’t mention Donald Trump in his speech. But the first questioner, a businesswoman, practically begged the candidate to trash Trump, asking him to comment on Trump’s “very definite views” of the disabled, including calling people “stupid” and attempting to remove disabled veterans from one of his properties.

 Rival Chris Christie mocked Rubio on Tuesday as “the boy in the bubble” managed by his “handlers.” This criticism apparently smoked Rubio out, because he took a few questions from reporters before his event in Laconia, N.H., on Wednesday afternoon.

Fact Check! What Rubio Really Plans to Do About Amnesty, Video

At Independent Sentinel, by Sara Noble:

Senator Marco Rubio supports amnesty but he doesn’t support blanket amnesty.
He was asked about it at a town hall Wednesday.

Marco Rubio supports legalization which he says is not amnesty.

He wants a wall and fence but it will close off only one-third of the border. Marco Rubio told Bill O’Reilly last Friday night that he’ll build a 700 mile fence. However, the border is almost 2,000 miles long.

The Florida senator was the spokesperson for the senate immigration bill which didn’t deal with visa overstays and it didn’t close the border for years, if ever.

Rubio’s Gang of Eight bill would have required illegal immigrants to wait five or ten years and they would have to pay a fine but there were exceptions for the fines and the wait times.
Rubio now says that nothing will be done until they’ve put in place e-verify, more agents, and a tracking system but he said that before, both in Florida when he ran for the Senate and before the Senate Gang of Eight bill.
While discussing it with O’Reilly on Friday, Rubio outlined the requirements in the Gang of Eight senate bill as the process he would adopt for immigrants to apply for a green card.


Rand Paul and Rick Santorum Exit Presidential Race – Roadmap For GOPe is Going Along As Planned…

At  The Last Refuge by Sundance

Both Senator Rand Paul and former Senator Rick Santorum exited the presidential race today.  Rick Santorum endorsed the GOPe candidate Rubio/Bush saying they held similar values.

Everything is happening almost as predicted in 2014. 
Current events also highlight the key truism in the modified GOPe road-map since the entry of the unanticipated variable, Donald Trump.
The goal continues to be remove the unanticipated variable.  Encapsulated thusly:

…..Remove Donald Trump and Ben Carson becomes Herman Cain, Ted Cruz becomes Newt Gingrich and Rubio/Jeb take the role of Mitt Romney in 2012.  And everyone in Washington DC is happy, happy again….

There is ONLY ONE candidate who was not a variable in the original GOPe road-map, that candidate is Donald Trump.  As soon as Trump entered the arena the entire strategic splitter plan had to be modified.


The Cure for Media Bias

From:FrontPageMag by Bruce Thorton

We have long known that the progressive media no longer have any journalistic integrity. The pass given to Barack Obama on his gaffes, sketchy personal history, and dubious associates––all of which would have sunk a Republican candidate––stripped the last camouflage from reporters who used to at least try to hide their political biases and prejudices. Now facing the end of their messiah’s presidency, the media left are pulling out all the stops to elevate Hillary Clinton and demonize her opposition in order to complete The One’s fundamental transformation of the United States.

But candidate Obama, whose dubious personal biography the media helped to keep on the down low, lacked much of a public record, making him something of a blank slate to be filled with pleasing rhetoric and a feel-good bio. Hillary, on the other hand, has a long public history of money-grubbing, lying, and abusing power. We all know the catalogue of Hillary scandals, from Whitewater to Benghazi, from Filegate to Emailgate, from lying to the grieving parents of the dead heroes of Benghazi, to lying to the American people about the classified information that passed through her unsecured private server. Despite their eagerness to cover Bill’s sexual scandals in the 90s, today’s

And during this primary season, they have not objectively followed the most blatant scandals––Benghazi, the unsecured email server, and the fiscal skullduggery of the Clinton Foundation–– with the obsessive fervor they’ve devoted to Donald Trump’s bad manners, Carly Fiorina’s alleged failures at Hewlett-Packard, Dr. Ben Carson’s missing surgical sponges, Ted Cruz’s “meanness,” or Marco Rubio’s traffic violationsmainstream media have ignored, downplayed, or rationalized most of Hillary’s bad behavior.


Obama at Muslim Brotherhood-linked Mosque: “Muslim Americans Keep Us Safe”


And: “Islam has always been part of America.” Really?

At FrontPageMag by Robert Spencer

When Barack Obama visited the Muslim Brotherhood-linked Islamic Society of Baltimore on Wednesday, he said: “The first thing I want to say is two words that Muslim Americans don’t hear often enough: Thank you.”

While Obama has been President, Muslims have murdered non-Muslims, avowedly in the cause of Islam, at Fort Hood, Boston, Chattanooga, and San Bernardino, and attempted to do so in many, many other places.

Imagine if armed Baptists screaming “Jesus is Lord” had committed murder, and explained that they were doing so in order to advance Christianity, in four American cities, and had attempted to do so in many others. Imagine that those killers were supporters of a global Christian movement that had repeatedly called for attacks on U.S. civilians and declared its determination to destroy the United States.

Imagine how incongruous it would be in that case for the President of the United States to visit a church and say: “The first thing I want to say is two words that Christian Americans don’t hear often enough: Thank you.” And imagine how unlikely it would be that Barack Obama would ever have done that.

But his visit to the Islamic Society of Baltimore was the apotheosis of the Muslim victimhood myth, as he signaled yet again to the world (and worldwide jihadis) that in the U.S., Muslims are victims, victims of unwarranted concern over jihad terror, and thus that concern is likely to lessen even more, as Obama dismantles still more of our counter-terror apparatus.


The Establishment Is Dead-Rise From the Grave with Rubio?

At RightWingNews by Ben Shapiro:

In Monday’s Iowa caucus, Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, the man most hated by the Republican establishment, came from behind to nab front-runner Donald Trump. Senator Marco Rubio, R-Fla., the supposed establishment favorite, came in just a point behind Trump.

According to conventional wisdom, this should set up a battle royal among anti-establishment Cruz, anti-establishment Trump and establishment Rubio.

If Rubio emerges victorious, the pundits explain, the establishment will have lived to fight another day, and put those rowdy conservative grass-roots anti-establishment types in their place.

This is nonsense.

Cruz is the most conservative person in the Republican race. Trump, up until he became the establishment’s baton against Cruz, was a thorn in the side of the establishment.

And the new establishment darling, Rubio, is arguably the second-most conservative person in the Republican race (the only other contender is Senator Rand Paul). There’s a reason the establishment backed then-Republican Florida Governor Charlie Crist over Rubio in 2010.

 In fact, there’s only one reason the establishment can tolerate Rubio, who is ardently anti-abortion, thoroughly hawkish, and consistently pro-free markets (outside of his bizarre support for sugar subsidies). They support Rubio because he backed the Gang of Eight amnesty bill in 2013.

Cruz: Democrats will win if Rubio is GOP Nominee, Video

From:WExaminer by Ryan Lovelace

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz brushed off criticism from Donald Trump Wednesday and refocused his aim on a different target: Florida Sen. Marco Rubio. Cruz attacked Rubio at an event hosted by radio host
Jeff Kuhner in southern New Hampshire.

"Is Marco Rubio a genuine conservative?" Kuhner asked after listing Rubio's support for "open borders," "NSA spying," and the Obama administration's Trans Pacific Partnership during an onstage interview.
"On each of the issues you just listed, Marco's views are virtually indistinguishable from Hillary Clinton,"
Cruz replied. "Let me say this — if we nominate a candidate who's pro-amnesty, we'll lose. It's not complicated. It's real simple."
Cruz pointed to the 2012 election as evidence for his theory and noted the Republican Party got clobbered after nominating Mitt Romney, whose record on healthcare caused headaches for conservatives seeking contrast with Obamacare.

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