Tuesday, July 26, 2016

DNC disarray is the foreshadowing of a Clinton administration

At NYPOST by Micheal Goodwin,

You won’t need an astrologer to see the future if Hillary Clinton becomes president. You can just take the anger, backstabbing and blame-gaming at the Democratic Convention and repeat — for four years.

Another email scandal, another FBI investigation, all laced with wild conspiracy theories about Russian hackers helping Donald Trump and with a victim card always at the ready. Hillary played one early, telling “60 Minutes” that she’s widely distrusted only because lots and lots of bad people say untrue things about her.

Where to begin with that one?

Ah, it’s the Clintons, and only the details are new, everything else is the same old, same old. She still sees a vast right wing conspiracy, and now there’s also a conspiracy on the left that’s out to get her, too.

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Party of Clinton looks different than in 1992


As Bill Clinton prepares to take the stage here Tuesday night at the Democratic convention, he’ll be appealing to a party that’s drifted far from the more moderate, new Democratic movement that he led during the 1990s en route to two terms as president.

The question is whether the 42nd president in 2016 can resonate with a more progressive party, while still reaching the conservative Democrats who enthusiastically backed him and now say they won’t support his wife.

Clinton has spoken at every nominating convention since 1988, and a review of his remarks demonstrates just how different the party’s message is today.

Bill Clinton is, in many ways, the face of some of the most controversial policies now being debated within the party. They include the 1993 North American Free Trade Agreement as well as crime legislation he signed into law that many African Americans blame for skyrocketing youth incarceration rates.

“Is it easy to reconcile the preferences of people who joined the party and people who have left? No,” said Bill Galston, a former domestic policy adviser to Clinton.

Will Media Condemn Chants to 'Lock Up' Hillary Clinton Now That Democrats Are Doing it?

AT WEEKLY STANDARD by Mark Hemingway,

Last week, at several points during the Republican convention, the crowd erupted into chants of "Lock Her Up!" in reference to Hillary Clinton. To say that the media found this distasteful and worthy of stern fingerwagging, would be an understatement.

See The GOP's new convention theme: 'Lock her up!'"; "'Lock her up' is the chant of a banana republic"; and "Memo to Republicans: Democracies don't lock up political opponents." And those were just the headlines at the Washington Post.

It's hard to decide whether this attack on the GOP was obtuse, simple media bias, or both. The issue isn't about ginning up false charges to imprison the opposition as might happen in a banana republic; the issue is that America is becoming a banana republic because our leaders are above the law.

Anyway, now the Democratic convention is upon us, and guess what's happening? "Protesters chanted 'lock her up," with some wearing 'Hillary for Prison' T-shirts, as they marched in Philadelphia the day before the Democratic National Convention," reports The Hill. These are not Republicans doing this. They're Sanders supporters.

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Michelle Obama changes mind,


From Twitchy: Michelle Obama's Now loves America

Two Parties, Two Platforms on Criminal Justice

At The MARSHALL PROJECT by  Maurice Chammah

 The Republicans nod to reforms, then take a sharp right turn...

The 2016 Republican and Democratic party platforms swing hard to the right and left, with Republicans amplifying their traditional positions against gay marriage, abortion, transgender rights, and immigration, and Democrats calling for expanded public healthcare and higher education, and a $15 minimum wage. Platforms are not binding on candidates, but they distill a consensus of the forces within the party at this point in history.

That’s particularly clear this year on the subjects of crime and punishment. In the new Democratic party platform, the fingerprints of the Black Lives Matter movement and Bernie Sanders are apparent, in calls for independent investigations of police-involved shootings, more body cameras, and training in de-escalation. There is a declaration that “states that want to decriminalize marijuana should be able to do so.” There is also a call for the end of the death penalty, something President Obama and Hillary Clinton have not endorsed. Parts of the Democratic draft platform clearly repudiate the tough language their party embraced a generation ago, when their current candidate’s husband was president. The mother of Sandra Bland, who died at a Texas jail last year and became a symbol of the Black Lives Matter movement, is scheduled to speak at their convention next week in Philadelphia.

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Germany Reconsiders Refugee Welcome After Week of Attacks

At Tammy Bruce.com/Wire
By Tammy,

Um, too late? Just saying.

Via CBS News.

Four attacks in a week – three of them carried out by asylum seekers – have left Germany on edge and Chancellor Angela Merkel’s policies of welcoming refugees under renewed criticism.
Anxiety over Germany’s ability to cope with last year’s flood of more than 1 million registered asylum seekers first surged following a series of sexual assaults and robberies in Cologne during New Year celebrations.

But in the last seven days, the violence has become even more deadly.

The unprecedented bloodshed began July 18, when a 17-year-old from Afghanistan wielding an ax attacked people on a train near Wuerzburg, wounding five people before he was shot to death by police. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) claimed responsibility.

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Why Do the Police Shoot Unarmed Suspects?

From NATIONAL REVIEW by Josh Gelernter,
image net
Periodically, FBI agents have to re-qualify to carry their service pistols. When I was a teenager, a family friend in the FBI (a tremendous mensch, Special Agent Ron Barndollar)​ used to take me and my brother along to his qualification tests. 
For me and my brother, this was always a big deal. We’d show up amidst a crowd of FBI agents carrying an assortment of exciting guns that they were only too happy to show off for us. A few agents would always come over to say they remembered us from our last trip, or just to introduce themselves — FBI agents tend to be very friendly. We’d sit in on a briefing by some FBI firearms instructors, who would bring everyone up to speed on FBI firearms policy. One year, an instructor announced that the FBI had decided that agents couldn’t choose their own gun lights or shotgun shells anymore. He joked that the FBI didn’t want them to have any advantage over the bad guys. He added, “Next year, they’re taking out the air conditioning.” It was a sweltering summer day, and he got a good laugh.

Electoral College Map: Donald Trump More Than Competitive


Tweeted by CNN's master map magician John King:

Click through to look at the map. Trump's been running even with Clinton in some of those battleground toss-up states pictured, Ohio especially (in that Suffolk poll out this last week).

So, just keep an eye on the battleground states. The national horse race polling is interesting, but that's going to be mostly for mass media consumption. It's going to go down to a few key states, and I think Trump could have a good chance. But like I said earlier, he's going to need to go up with advertising, and soon. He'll need to fork over some of his own cash, if nothing else. Sheesh.

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Clinton’s convention to go straight at TRUST Issue



Hillary Clinton’s nominating convention that begins Monday is being choreographed to tell a life story about the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee that, despite her decades in the public eye, aims to reveal new insights while offering a sharp contrast to last week's GOP confab.

In addition to Washington and Hollywood luminaries, Democrats convening in Philadelphia this week have lined up “everyday Americans” — both those she's helped over her career and those she's met on the campaign trail — as character witnesses for prime-time speaking turns and video presentations. The goal is to demonstrate a lifelong commitment to public service and to share more about Clinton's Midwestern upbringing and middle-class roots that preceded her years as first lady, senator and secretary of State.
“There will be some people talking about things that neither she nor they (her family) have really discussed in a big public way before,” said Joel Benenson, her chief strategist. “That will be an important thing,” he said.

Campaign officials want to go straight at her biggest vulnerability: that many Americans say they just don’t trust her or view her favorably.
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DNC Leaks Show Hillary Clinton’s Rigged Game

At FrontPage Mag by Daniel Greenfield,
emphasis Shaw,

Trump accused Hillary Clinton of being the beneficiary of a rigged system. Then the DNC leaks proved it by showing just how aggressively the Democratic National Committee was working to push Hillary and suppress any of her rivals to the crown. Not only was the process rigged with the superdelegates, but the DNC functioned like an arm of the Clinton campaign.

The Sanders campaign demanded someone’s head. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ frizzy scalp was delivered to Bernie’s door. But Debbie Wasserman Schultz, whose last original idea was trying to score a block of Hamilton tickets from an RNC official, certainly didn’t do any of this on her own.
Hillary Clinton lost her last bid for the White House inside her own party. And she wasn’t about to allow that to happen twice. So the Clintons just took over the DNC. They bought it and it sold out to them.

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Why America Won’t Allow Obama’s Martial Law



Dale Netherton,

If you look at the history of world-wide martial law, you see there are several components that are crucial to its initiation:
  1. First, there has to be a level of national unrest demonstrated by riots and attempts to disrupt.
  2. Secondly, there has to be rumors and plots to overthrow the government.
  3. Third, there has to be some kind of unified message that drives the unrest.
In America we have spots of unrest but not the level of dissatisfaction such as we see in Venezuela. Many countries have spots of unrest based on various factions dissatisfied with their  government’s actions or inaction.  Such isolated incidents do not constitute a general rebellion.  They are usually handled by local law enforcement and quelled.
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Hillary Can See Russia From Her Server…


Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager, Robby Mook, during an interview Sunday on with Jake Tapper, claims Russia was responsible for hacking the Democrat party’s internal servers and stealing the information.  Mook claims their motive was to help Donald Trump.

Obviously the Clinton campaign is just attempting distraction as a political tool.  However, there is an interesting aspect to this deflective approach being taken by the Clinton Team in their efforts to avoid discussing or confronting the substance of the emails.
When FBI Director James Comey outlined the entire investigation into Clinton’s use of her private email server, and the attached devices she used for communication, Comey stated:
FBI Director James Comey […]  Consistent with our counterintelligence responsibilities, we have also investigated to determine whether there is evidence of computer intrusion in connection with the personal e-mail server by any foreign power, or other hostile actors.

[…]  She also used her personal e-mail extensively while outside the United States, including sending and receiving work-related e-mails in the territory of sophisticated adversaries. Given that combination of factors, we assess it is possible that hostile actors gained access to Secretary Clinton’s personal e-mail account(link)
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Leaked DNC Documents Show Plans To Reward Big Donors With Federal Appointments

At DAILY CALLER by Chuck Ross,

Democratic National Committee documents recently released by WikiLeaks include spreadsheets and emails that appear to show party officials planning which donors and prominent fundraisers to provide with appointments to federal boards and commissions.

The documents, which were circulated among top DNC officials in April, could raise legal questions for the party, says Ken Boehm, the chairman of the National Legal and Policy Center, a government watchdog group.
“The disclosed DNC emails sure look like the potential Clinton Administration has intertwined the appointments to federal government boards and commissions with the political and fund raising operations of the Democratic Party,” Boehm told The Daily Caller.

“That is unethical, if not illegal.”

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

When It Comes to Islam, Western Leaders Are Liars or Idiots

At PJMEDIA by  Raymond Ibrahim--
When it comes to the connection between Islam and violence against non-Muslims, one fact must be understood: the majority of those in positions of leadership and authority in the West are either liars or fools, or both.

No other alternative exists.

The reason for this uncharitable assertion is simple: If Islam was once a faraway, exotic religion, today we hear calls for, and see acts of, violence committed in its name every day. And many of us still have “ears that hear and eyes that see,” so it’s no secret: Muslims from all around the world and from all walks of life -- not just “terrorists” or “ISIS” -- unequivocally and unapologetically proclaim that Islam commands them to hate, subjugate, and kill all who resist it, including all non-Muslims.

This is the official position of several Muslim governments, including America’s closest “friends and allies” like Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

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Clinton VP Pick Tim Kaine’s Islamist Ties

At Breitbart  by Ryan Mauro

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s newly-announced running mate, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, has a history of embracing Islamists. He appointed a Hamas supporter to a state immigration commission; spoke at a dinner honoring a Muslim Brotherhood terror suspect; and received donations from well-known Islamist groups.

Appointing a Muslim Brotherhood Front Leader Who Supports Hamas

In 2007, Kaine was the Governor of Virginia and, of all people, chose Muslim American Society (MAS) President Esam Omeish to the state’s Immigration Commission. A Muslim organization against Islamism criticized the appointment and reckless lack of vetting.
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