Friday, November 27, 2015

French Minister Moves To Shut Down All Mosques That Preach Hate And Muslims Are FURIOUS

At: AmericanFreedomFighters 
By Dean James

Leaders in France have announced that they are planning to close down any Mosques which allow extremist clerics to preach following the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris which took the lives of over 130 innocent people.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said he wants the dissolution of ‘mosques where hate is preached.’

Following the Charlie Hebdo attack, France has deported over 20 radical clerics and now there will be a hell of a lot more.

The deportation process will be fast-tracked while surveillance of potential threats will be increased.

‘”Foreign preachers of hate will be deported and their mosques will be shut down,” he said adding that police have conducted hundreds of anti-terror raids across the country and they will continue indefinitely.

“This is just the beginning. These actions will continue,” the minister explained adding, “The reply of the republic will be solid and total. Those who want to hurt the republic, they will be attacked, they will be dealt with, and who helped them.”

FBI using elite surveillance teams to track at least 48 high-risk ISIS suspects

From:FoxNews: by

With as many as 1,000 active cases, Fox News has learned at least 48 ISIS suspects are considered so high risk that the FBI is using its elite tracking squads known as the mobile surveillance teams or MST to track them domestically. 
“There is a very significant number of people that are on suspicious watch lists, under surveillance," Republican Sen. Dan Coats said.   

Coats, who sits on the Select Committee on Intelligence, would not comment on specifics, but said the around-the-clock surveillance is a major commitment for the bureau. "The FBI together with law enforcement agencies across the country are engaged in this. It takes enormous amount of manpower to do this on a 24-7 basis.  It takes enormous amount of money to do this," Coats explained.

These elite FBI teams are reserved for espionage, mob violence and high-priority terrorism cases, like a joint terrorism task force case last June, where a 26 year old suspect Usaama Rahim, was killed outside a Massachusetts CVS. When a police officer and FBI agent tried to question him, the Boston Police Commissioner said Rahim threatened them with a knife, and was shot dead.

With at least a dozen agents assigned to each case, providing 24/7 coverage, this high level of surveillance reflects the severe risk associated with suspects most likely to attempt copycat attacks after Paris.


ISIS equips 'lone wolves' in U.S. with how-to manual

From:WND By  F. Michael Maloof

Against a backdrop of heightened security and of resistance to a potential massive influx of Muslim refugees into the United States, ISIS has issued guidance in a little-noticed manual for the so-called “lone wolves” who have become a major concern of U.S. law-enforcement officials.

The 63-page, English-language manual, “Safety and Security Guidelines for Lone Wolf Mujahideen,” said to have been authored by three former members of the intelligence service of the late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein who now work with ISIS in its self-proclaimed caliphate capital of Raqqa, Syria.

The manual, adapted from an older al-Qaida online Arabic language course, gives lessons to clandestine small-cell and individual jihadist.

The Myth of “4 Million Conservative Voters Stayed Home in 2012″

From Red State by Dan McLaughlin (Diary)

I have frequently criticized liberal and Democratic commentators for relying on the Static Electorate Fallacy, the idea that the 2016 electorate and results will not stray far from the demographic, geographic and ideological contours of 2012, despite longstanding American electoral history showing that elections following the re-election of an incumbent have always featured shifts in the map to the detriment of the party in power. Candidates make their own turnout, and removing a successfully re-elected incumbent always puts more voters and potential voters up for grabs.

But conservative and Republican commentators need to avoid believing our own comforting myths, and one of those has managed remarkable durability even though it should have gone away within a month of the 2012 elections: that something like 4 million usually reliable conservative voters – voters who showed up at the polls even in the down year of 2008 to support Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) 51% stayed home in 2012 because Mitt Romney was too moderate.

This theory keeps getting offered as proof that all the GOP needs to do is nominate a real conservative and this cavalry, 4 million strong, will come charging over the hilltop and save the day.
In fact, poor a candidate as he was, Romney actually got more votes than McCain did; the belief that he got less is based entirely on incomplete numbers reported in the first 24-48 hours after Election Day, before all the votes had finally been counted. 

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New Poll: Donald Trump Leads Nationally and Easily Beats Cruz, Rubio and Carson in Head-To-Head Matchups…


Donald Trump 60% -vs- Ben Carson 40%
Donald Trump 57% -vs- Marco Rubio 43%
Donald Trump 57% -vs- Ted Cruz 43%

A new YouGov/Economist Poll  of 2000 national respondents shows Donald Trump with a commanding lead, and beating all GOP rivals in head-to-head matchups.

For the first time Pollsters asked the respondents head-to-head comparisons between Trump, Carson, Cruz and Rubio.   The results eliminate yet another promoted myth:

 Head-To-Head […]  The New York billionaire would defeat Rubio and Cruz by the same margin of 57 percent to 43 percent, and would defeat Carson by a margin of 60 to 40 percent, according to the poll.


At least 15 refugees in the US have been charged with terrorism charges THIS YEAR

By now, I’m sure you have seen all the media spin about how safe we are admitting tens of thousands of Syrian refugees into the United States.  One infographic from The Economist that made the rounds on social media even proclaimed that not a single US refugee since 9/11 had been charged with terrorism.  That assertion is obviously false—the Tsarnaev brothers who bombed the Boston Marathon were as coddled as any pair of refugees in this country could ever dream of and still they turned to Islamic jihadist violence.  Senator Jeff Sessions revealed today that at least 15 refugees in the US have been charged with terrorism this year alone.

from Breitbart:
Sen. Jeff Sessions is out with a list of 15 vetted refugees who quickly joined jihad plots to attack the United States.

He’s spotlighting the refugees-turned-jihadis because he’s trying to prod GOP leaders into halting Congress’ normal practice of giving the president huge leeway to import foreign migrants and refugees into the United States.
This year, Obama is promising to bring in an extra 10,000 low-skill, potentially difficult-to-integrate Syrian migrants into the United States. Sessions and other critics fear he’ll use his many powers — and Congress’ autopilot funding for refugee programs — to bring in far more than 10,000 migrants.
In fact, from 2010 to 2015, Obama has allowed more than 200,000 low-skill migrants from Central American to enter the United States, and then disappear into the nation’s growing population of at least 11 million illegal immigrants.

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Stumbling to War With Russia?

By Patrick J. Buchanan

Turkey’s decision to shoot down a Russian warplane was a provocative and portentous act.
That Sukhoi Su-24, which the Turks say intruded into their air space, crashed and burned — in Syria. One of the Russian pilots was executed while parachuting to safety. A Russian rescue helicopter was destroyed by rebels using a U.S. TOW missile. A Russian marine was killed.
“A stab in the back by the accomplices of terrorists,” said Vladimir Putin of the first downing of a Russian warplane by a NATO nation in half a century. Putin has a point, as the Russians are bombing rebels in northwest Syria, some of which are linked to al-Qaida.
As it is impossible to believe Turkish F-16 pilots would fire missiles at a Russian plane without authorization from President Tayyip Recep Erdogan, we must ask: Why did the Turkish autocrat do it?

Why is he risking a clash with Russia?
Answer: Erdogan is probably less outraged by intrusions into his air space than by Putin’s success in securing the Syrian regime of Bashar Assad, whom Erdogan detests, and by relentless Russian air strikes on Turkmen rebels seeking to overthrow Assad.


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Ann Coulter: Importing Terrorism And Other American Values

From Daily Caller by Ann Coulter

Americans keep being hectored to take “refugees” from terrorist-producing countries because to do otherwise would be “a betrayal of our values,” as President Obama said on Monday.

The rise of Donald Trump reminds us of the popularity of another, long-forgotten American value: protecting Americans.

Contrary to Obama’s laughable reference to “the universal values” that “all of humanity” share, most of the world does not share our values, at all. They barely seem to share our DNA. As indignantly explained by the lawyer representing two Iraqis accused of child rape in Nebraska, America’s views about women and children “put us in the minority position in the world.”

Pederasty, child brides, honor killings, clitorectomies, stonings, wife beatings — when will America grow up and join the 21st century? (A lot sooner if Marco Rubio has his way!)

Plan A for GOP donors: Wait for Trump to fall. (There is no Plan B.)

From;WaPost by 

When Donald Trump landed in Ohio this week, he got a taste of the meager Republican super PAC efforts aimed at him: a 47-second Web video clipping together some of his most provocative comments and a small airplane trailing a banner proclaiming, “Ohioans Can’t Trust Trump.”

As the combative mogul enters his fifth month at the top of the GOP presidential field, attempts to derail him remain anemic, underfunded and unfocused — and they will probably stay that way until the Iowa caucuses in less than 10 weeks.


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China Rising: China undergoes the biggest Military Overhaul since the 1950s

Just as Barack Obama has 'hollowed out' America's military to pre-WW II levels,
China prepared to modernize its military;

From : Bloomberg:   

China Announces Military Overhaul to Make Army More Combat Ready

Obama Threatens 14 US Governors With Immediate Arrest

At: PoliticalXtreme 

A chilling report from the Foreign Military Intelligence Directorate (GRU) prepared for Prime Minister Putin warns today that United States President Barack Obama has had served on 14 US Governors National Security Letters (NSLs) warning that if their actions in attempting to form what are called State Defense Forces are not halted they will face “immediate” arrest for the crime of treason.

The use of NSLs in the United States was authorized by the Patriot Act law enacted after the September 11, 2001 attacks and forbids anyone receiving them from even acknowledging their existence, and was reauthorized by Obama’s “rubberstamp” Congress this past February over the objections of both civil and human rights groups who warned they mimic similar type “government security notices” enacted under both the former German Nazi and Soviet Communist regimes.

To the issue angering Obama against these State Governors, this report continues, is their attempt to reestablish what are called State Defense Forces which are described as follows:
“State Defense Forces (SDF) (also known as State Guards, State Military Reserves, or State Militias) in the United States are military units that operate under the sole authority of a state government; they are not regulated by the National Guard Bureau nor are they part of the Army National Guard of the United States.

Is the Iran Deal Even Real?

From:Red State by  Joe Cunningham (Diary

This is a serious question: Is the Iran Deal even a real thing? I mean, it had a hashtag, it had a Twitter account, criticizing it is a clear violation of the Logan Act, and we were told it is very tough on Iran and will prevent them from obtaining a nuclear weapon. It’s got to be legitimate, right?
Well, the State Department says it’s not legally binding and Iran didn’t even sign it, so there’s that.
“The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is not a treaty or an executive agreement, and is not a signed document,” wrote Julia Frifield, the State Department assistant secretary for legislative affairs, in the November 19 letter.

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Diebold Stole My Doobies! Stoners Blame “Stolen” Election

From Red State by  Dan McLaughlin (Diary)

For all of the joy the Left takes in declaring that it has a monopoly on facts and data and faith in both – and its insistence that only racists believe fraud at election time is possible – we’re really only one national election loss away from an outbreak of whackadoo conspiracy theories about Republicans stealing elections. (Actual headline at TPM today: “Princeton Study: U.S. No Longer An Actual Democracy”). You can see those bubbling up already at the far-Left site Alternet, which has recently peddled theories that election fraud cost Democrats the Kentucky Governor’s race and – horrors! – defeated the referendum in Ohio to legalize marijuana.

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DOCUMENT LEAK: Virginia GOP Establishment’s "Loyalty Oath" Scheme to Suppress Insurgents Trump and Cruz

Director Blue @DougRossJournal

The Last Refuge blog (also known as The Conservative Treehouse) has done yeoman's work exposing the GOP establishment's plot to jam Jeb Bush down the collective throats of the electorate.
Despite Bush's single-digit poll numbers, the GOPe remains fixated on a Bush candidacy (and, by extension, a Hillary presidency, since Bush has zero chance of winning a general election).

Most recently, Virginia's old guard has proffered a laughably obvious ploy to deter independent, Tea Party, Reagan Democrat, and Constitutional Conservatives who have abandoned the Republican establishment from voting in the GOP primary.

There is only one acceptable candidate for what people call the “establishment republicans” (abbreviated the “GOPe”), and that candidate remains Jeb Bush.

Regardless of how low his polling goes, Jeb will remain their guy. All other candidates, except Trump, are factored into the equation of control contained within the original construct of the GOPe road map.

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Everything is Fine Until Bomba Go Off

At;Sultan Knish by Daniel Greenfield

“Those who argue that we are being invaded are manipulators and falsifiers, who do this only for political reasons, to scare,” the left-wing politician huffed.

And then the pudgy little Socialist had to be rapidly evacuated from France’s national soccer stadium after one of those refugees blew himself up trying to reach Monsieur le PrĂ©sident, and Merkel’s Foreign Minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Minister Steinmeier had urged rejecting “barriers, fences” when it came to the Muslim migrants, but it was a barrier and the security in front of it that kept one of his beloved refugees from reaching him.

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