Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Backlash: Americans Stand Up for Sean Hannity

AmerSpectator   by Jeffrey Lord

Enough is enough.

Five years ago, this space featured two back-to-back columns titled “Rally for Rush and “The Plot to Get Rush.” The focus was a serious attempt by the far-left, race-card playing site Media Matters to force Rush Limbaugh from the airwaves by pressuring his sponsors to cease their connection with the show. The attack on Rush (over the Sandra Fluke incident) would fail — and it failed for one big reason. That would be Rush’s audience, which did in fact rally for Rush by directly contacting the handful of withdrawing sponsors to let them know that as customers of their products they would be no longer. One departing sponsor saw its stock dive, another begged to return (Rush said no) and most importantly Rush sailed on.

This time? This time the Media Matters target is Sean Hannity.

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Monday, May 29, 2017

Survey: 60% of Millennials Don't Believe in Right and Wrong


If you’ve taken a brief glance at society lately, chances are you’ve come away with the impression that morality is on the wane. Apparently, a good chunk of Americans would agree with you.

According to a new survey released by LifeWay Research, fully 8 in 10 Americans are concerned “about declining moral behavior in our nation.” But when it comes to the issue of how one determines what is right and wrong, there is far less agreement. In fact, as the chart below shows, a majority of young people now say that standards of right and wrong are changeable:

As LifeWay executive director Scott McConnell goes on to report, the gap between ages is a product of changing times:
“Older Americans grew up at time when ideas about morality were more stable, he says. That’s no longer true for younger Americans.”
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45,732 Refugees admitted This fiscal Year so far, 45% are Muslim 70,000+ Refugees this Year ?

RefugeeSettlementWatch  by Ann Corcoran

I’ve been asked frequently what the numbers look like for which religions are practiced by refugees entering the US right now.

Unless Donald Trump tells us that the New York Times story was fake news last week, see here, and that we are not shooting for 70,000 refugees this year, we will assume it is true (and report the numbers as they come in).  Just a reminder that any number in excess of 70,000 will put Trump ahead of most Bush years and ahead of several of Obama’s years.

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Meet the Unsung Heroes of the US Border Patrol

The Daily Signal   by K. Harkness

Deep inside the U.S. Border Patrol is a little-known elite team called the Border Patrol Search, Trauma, and Rescue Unit. Since its creation nearly 20 years ago, BORSTAR has largely flown under the radar.

“Most people don’t realize that the Border Patrol has paramedics, search and rescue capability,” says John Welter, a BORSTAR agent in the San Diego sector of the Border Patrol. “But a lot of times our guys put themselves in a lot of danger, and you end up almost in as bad a shape as the person you’re trying to rescue.”

BORSTAR initially was created in 1998 to provide Border Patrol the ability to search for and rescue its own agents caught in dangerous situations on the job, and to respond to a growing number of deaths among illegal immigrants.

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"You Tricked Me" - Trump Reportedly Rages At Palestine's Abbas For 'Lying To Him'

At Zero Hedge 

Israel's Channel 2 TV reports, citing unidentified American with knowledge of encounter, President Trump shouted at Palestinian Authority (PA) leader Mahmoud Abbas during meeting in Bethlehem, questioning his commitment to peace.

Trump met with Abbas in Bethlehem last week during his two-day visit to Israel. The two held a joint press conference, at which time the president praised Abbas' commitment to restarting negotiations with Israel for a final status agreement. But according to a report by Israel's Channel 2 TV on Sunday evening, the closed-door meeting between the president and the PA chairman was anything but cordial.


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These Powder Kegs Are About To Blow: "Trump Needs To Halt The Downward Spiral That Obama Orchestrated"

At Zero Hedge   by Tyler Durden

Authoreed by Jeremiah Johnson (nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces) via SHTFplan.com,

President Trump just took a trip to Saudi Arabia in an effort to obsequiously “shore up” the ties.  Expected.  It is expected for any U.S. president to “recertify” the Petrodollar and the commitments to protect the House of Saud that were initiated by Kissinger and Nixon almost five decades ago.  Times change, and administrations change; however, the systems in place are very slow and resistant to modification.  The BRIC nations are shoring up their interests as the U.S. continues to send more naval “support” for South Korea in the form of another aircraft carrier.

In order to keep the MIC (Military Industrial Complex) happy, defense contracts have to be on the rise: A Republican administration is the foundation for this.  The creation of a threat is ongoing.  The creation of a threat (whether viable or not) is essential to justify the defense contracts and the ongoing deployments of U.S. troops that were initiated under Obama and are continuing under President Trump.  The MIC is too deeply lodged within the framework of the government to extricate in one fell swoop.  It is inexorably intertwined with the fragile (almost skeletal) domestic industrial base of the U.S. economy, as well as all of the foreign policy instituted at home and carried out abroad.


Reports: Heads Will Roll: 3 Anti-Trump Leakers Found In WH, Face Prosecution

At The Daily Wire  by J. Curl

At least three people inside the White House have been identified as serial leakers of classified information and are expected to be fired by President Trump before the long holiday weekend ends, according to two news organizations.

"CBS News has confirmed from two sources that three leakers of classified information at the White House have been identified and are expected to be fired,” CBS News reported this week, adding, “Officials within the Trump White House believe leaks of Mr. Trump’s conversation with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov are a ‘deliberate attempt’ by officials who are holdovers from President Obama’s administration and are trying to damage the Trump presidency.”


John Podesta in a frenzy converting $40B Clinton Foundation assets into gold, diamonds & artwork

From DCClothesline   by Dr.Eowyn

Independent journalist George Webb says that after President Trump fired FBI director James Comey, longtime Democrat operative and Clinton loyalist John Podesta is in a frenzy to unload $40 billion from the Clinton Foundation — by buying up art, gold and diamonds, and spreading them out all over the world — before those assets are seized by a new FBI director.

Beginning at the 0:30 mark in the video, Webb says:
“Right now . . . John Podesta is buying up artwork between every Jewish art dealer.”
Webb is asked: “How do you know that?”
Webb answers:
“I have a contact within the French intelligence that’s told me that. So they’re buying up artwork right now in every, they know every art dealer that he’s buying art from . . . . What you’re dealing with is Trump could go get that 40 billion dollars right now and seize those assets. So before a new FBI director is named — [Acting FBI Director Andrew] McCabe knows all about the $40 billion — you start moving this stuff to gold, diamonds, artwork and so forth, and you put it in your network . . . out into as many different countries as possible, so it’ll be so difficult to actually go seize. You have a contractual issue or an international issue every time you try to get some of this stuff that’s been moved. The money right now is being moved by John Podesta to artwork, diamonds and gold.
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Kushner’s contact with Russia ‘raises red flags’ in intel community


From NYPOST   by  Marlsa Schultz

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said the contact President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner made with Russian officials raised red flags in the intelligence community.
“I will tell you that my dashboard warning light was clearly on and I think that was the case with all of us in the intelligence community, very concerned about the nature of these approaches to the Russians,” Clapper told NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday.

“I will tell you that my dashboard warning light was clearly on and I think that was the case with all of us in the intelligence community, very concerned about the nature of these approaches to the Russians,” Clapper told NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday.

New reporting revealed that Kushner and former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in December about the possibility of setting up back channel communication between the Kremlin and Trump’s transition team.
Kushner also met with the head of a Russian bank under sanctions.


Pentagon chief: War with North Korea would be ‘catastrophic’

At The Hill  by 

Defense Secretary James Mattis warned on Sunday that a war with North Korea would be "catastrophic," and would place United States allies in the region at extreme risk.

"The North Korean regime has hundreds of artillery cannons and rocket launchers within range of one of the most densely populated cities on earth, which is the capital of South Korea," Mattis said on CBS's "Face the Nation."


Sunday, May 28, 2017

Nearly Half of Dem Rep. Luis Gutierrez’s First Quarter Campaign Expenditures Went to Wife

At Free Beacon   by

Nearly half of the campaign expenditures made by Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez (Ill.) during the first quarter of 2017 went to his wife, according to Federal Election Commission filings.

Soraida Gutierrez, Rep. Gutierrez's wife, who was a registered lobbyist in the state of Illinois from 2003 to 2009, has been on the payroll of Gutierrez for Congress, the congressman's campaign committee, since 2010. She has been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars since first appearing on the payroll.

Soraida was paid $6,000 from Gutierrez for Congress on Feb. 6 for acting as the campaign's treasurer and for management and fundraising services. On Feb. 28, another $6,000 was paid to the congressman's wife.

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Trump Tells Confidantes He Will Pull Out of the Paris Climate Deal

Independent Sentinel   by S. Noble

Three sources told Axios that President Trump has privately told multiple people, including EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, that he plans to leave the Paris agreement on climate change.
Publicly, Trump tweeted that he will make a decision this week.

Leaving the climate agreement will be the biggest blow to Obama’s suffocating climate policies.

The Europeans, including the Pope, have put tremendous pressure on Trump this week to keep to the deal. They aren’t our friends necessarily, allies yes, but they don’t always have our best interests at heart.


The Democrats’ Second Secession & America’s New Civil War

At FrontPageMag   by David Horowitz

Senator Kamala Harris is a rising star in the Democratic Party, frequently mentioned on the short-list of contenders for the next presidential race. In a recent commencement speech at Howard University Harris issued a call to arms, urging her audience to rally behind the Democrats’ resistance to the Trump administration:

 “Graduates, indeed we have a fight ahead. This is a fight to define what kind of country we are, and it’s a fight to determine what country we will be.”

Ignore for a moment the impropriety of addressing a class of students as though they were Democratic Party operatives. Focus instead on the statement itself. The call “to define what kind of country we are” is an ominous agenda for America.

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Federal Bureaucrats To The Public: Be Afraid! people would "never leave the house" if they "knew what I know about terrorism."

 At Zero Hedge

Authored by Ryan McMaken via The Mises Institute,

States have always thrived on the fear of the taxpayers, and states have always justified their existence in part on the idea that without the state, we'd all be overrun by barbarians, or murdered by our neighbors. Charles Tilly, a historian of the state, frequently noted that the modern state as we know it, was born out of war, and was created to wage war. War and the state are inseparable.

Moreover, support for the state is so central to maintaining continued funding and deference to the state's monopoly power, that Randolph Bourne famously went so far as to say that "war is the health of the state."  

By extension, agents of the state — whether elected officials or bureaucrats — fancy themselves as guardians of prosperity and civilization. Without them, they apparently believe, life would be barely worth living.
Thus, one should hardly be surprised when government bureaucrats spread fear as a means of self-promotion.

Keeping this tradition alive is Department of Homeland Security John Kelly who recently claimed that people would "never leave the house" if they "knew what I know about terrorism." 

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FBI And CIA Met With Trump's Sons Day Before Comey Firing


 At DailyWire   by Hank Berrien

According to ABC News, the day before president Trump fired fomer FBI Director James Comey, the FBI’s bureau’s cybersecurity agents and representatives of the CIA met with Trump’s two sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, to investigate whether there had been an attempted overseas cyberattack against the Trump Organization.

Eric Trump, an executive vice president of the family company, would not confirm or deny whether he and Donald Jr. had met with the FBI, only telling ABC News, “We absolutely weren’t hacked. That’s crazy. We weren’t hacked, I can tell you that.”

Richard Frankel, a retired senior official with the FBI's New York office, told ABC News, "If there was a hack or an attempted hack of ... the company that was owned by the president, that would be at the top of the list of investigations. If the FBI saw that kind of hack, they'd have to track that. There's no telling what a hacker could get that's connected to the president, corporate records, financial records, even things that were going on during the transition.”

Frankel pointed out that an investigation into President Trump’s company could permit them access to the Trump Organization’s computer network, gaining them data connected to other investigations.