Sunday, April 22, 2012

NPR offeres LEFTIST Sister Simone Campbell AIR TIME to disagree and lecture the Pope and the Catholic Bishop

newsbusters  On Thursday’s All Things Considered, National Public Radio offered leftist
Sister Simone Campbell a megaphone to disagree with (and lecture) the Pope and the Catholic bishops for being clueless. “It was like a sock in the stomach,” she said about the Vatican’s attempt to hold women’s Catholic religious orders to Catholic orthodoxy. Just on human terms, this is odd – not just to suggest the bishops are bullying, but that a process that’s been going on for four years is suddenly shocking.

Campbell told anchor Melissa Block that the religious sisters had the superiority of “experience” of faith all over the Vatican and the bishops, and then was starkly sexist: “Women get it first and then try to explain it to the guys who -- I mean, as the women did to the Apostles.”

Campbell was introduced as heading Network, a “ Catholic social-justice lobby.” They can never call a liberal a liberal? Campbell quickly took up the clueless-male attack: “Quite frankly, it's very visceral. It's like a sock in the stomach. I wish I knew what was in their brains. I don't know. But it looks like from the outside that they are not used to strong women who took the urging of Pope Pius XII very seriously.
Pope Pius XII urged women religious -- way before I was in the community -- to be educated in theology, to get educated in advanced degrees. So we took him seriously, and we did it. The leadership doesn't know how to deal with strong women. And so their way is try to shape us into whatever they think it should be, not realizing that we've been faithful to the call this whole time.”

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