Thursday, May 24, 2012

LAPD Modifies Surveillance Program After MUSLIM Complaints

An update on this post - Islamist group claims victory over LAPD. See something, say something, something said deleted immediately. via LAPD Modifies SAR Surveillance Program After Muslim Complaints |
So, here’s how the program is changing… continues with all of the agreed-to changes:
  • Any reporting of incidents by law enforcement on individuals or groups must be connected to criminal activity.
  • Any surveillance must have a nexus to terrorism.
  • Any report that does not meet that standard will be purged from any intelligence gathering mechanism within LAPD.
  • The Inspector General of LAPD, who is appointed by a civilian board of commissioners and is independent from LAPD, will audit the SAR program and will make the audit available for public review.
  • LAPD will include a means to track racial bias within the SAR reports to determine if there is any ethnic profiling within the program.
“We’re removing noncriminal behavior from SAR reporting, and data on innocuous behavior is being purged,” Muslim Public Affairs Council President Salam Al-Marayati said in an interview with RNS. ”The community engagement model can work; it’s more effective. The mosques have rejected the al-Qaida ideology of death — that‘s why it’s even more important for law enforcement to partner with the mosques.”
In an effort to ease any worries, Cmdr. Blake Chow, who serves with the LAPD’s counterterrorism bureau, cited these changes as an example of authorities’ efforts to reach out to the Muslim community. Chow pledges that, following the changes, the SAR program will be as robust and effective as always.
Law enforcement is always bending over and giving reach arounds to one group that only comprises 1% of the population – Muslims. Submission. Dhimmitude. We really are $#%#ed.

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