Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Vote for Clinton Tells Kids That Honesty Doesn’t Matter

At Lifezette by  Deirdre Reilly

Lost in all the election fervor is one deceptively simple but ultimately painful truth. We are witnessing the wholesale downfall of honesty — that simple “Honest Abe” character trait that, with the election of Hillary Clinton, we would be teaching our children doesn’t matter.

All we need to know to make a decision on Nov. 8 is right in front of us: Clinton is not an honest person.

It’s that simple — and that important. At least it used to be.
Many have speculated on what drives Clinton as an individual — ambition, greed, an inflated sense of her own singular importance to the nation. But somewhere along the line she learned that dishonesty pays. It has gotten her places and it has served her well.

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