Friday, October 7, 2016

BREAKING: New emails reveal COLLUSION between White House and Hillary campaign…

At Allen B. West  by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor,

In the latest episode of ShockingNotShocking featuring the “most transparent” administration in history — and by “most” we of course mean “least” — we discover new revelations in the never-ending Hillary Clinton email scandal.
We recently shared with you that President Obama — despite claiming to have learned about former Secretary of State Clinton’s private email use “from the news” — in fact had not only known about it, but had actually used his own pseudonym to communicate with the SecState. Kinda sneaky, eh?

Tonight, we’ve learned that the Obama administration was doing its best to protect their presumptive heir to the throne Oval Office well before Hillary Clinton was actually under investigation — and just as she was officially launching her presidential bid. 

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