Sunday, October 16, 2016

COMMENTARY: Globalism is the Single Greatest Threat to the United States

At Daily Surge by Matt Fitzgibbons,

In West Palm Beach, Donald Trump gave a momentous speech warning about the dangers of globalism and Hillary Clinton’s dedication to it. This was one of the most powerful speeches he’s given to date because for the first time since Eisenhower’s “Industrial Military Complex” exit speech in 1961, a powerful public figure overtly warned Americans about existing forces within our own government that threaten our liberty.
“There is nothing the political establishment will not do, no lie that they won’t tell, to hold their prestige and power at your expense. And that’s what’s been happening. The Washington establishment and the financial and media corporations that fund it exist for only one reason: to protect and enrich itself.”
In countries where globalism dominates we see a pattern of corruption, loss of sovereignty, mass importation of migrants from the Third World, a dedication to Socialist ideologies where all rights are subject to majority rule, private property is an illusion, and the divide between the ruling class and their pawns widens daily.


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