Friday, October 28, 2016

Disgusting: More Unlawful Redistribution of Wealth by the DoJ to Left-Wing Political Groups


Money from lawsuit settlements is now going to leftist activist/agitator political groups thanks to the Department of Justice. This can’t be legal but it’s happening anyway.

The DoJ has been busy trumping up charges and lawsuits against the alleged fraudulent money lenders from the 2008 housing bubble and it has been non-stop since Obama came into office. Money lenders, guilty or not, just make the deals to avoid costly lawsuits with the all-powerful government.

Settlements have involved donations to DoJ favored leftist groups.

This is the government that gives Stimulus money, Obamacare money, grants from every agency to radical left-wing groups.

Two recent settlements with Citigroup and Bank of America serve as examples
Citigroup agreed to donate at least $50 million to “community organizing” groups including NeighborWorks and La Raza and for every dollar above that, the bank gets two dollars knocked off its total settlement sum of $2.5 billion. With Bank of America, the settlement calls for a $100 million contribution to housing-related groups and, again, a two-for-one reduction for donations to community organizing groups.


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