Friday, October 28, 2016

Donald Trump on Rebuilding our Military

At Conservative Read by Chris, 

The U.S. military is “depleted.” It urgently needs more planes, ships, troops and nuclear weapons, to ensure American predominance in the world.

Echoing concerns of many Republicans, Trump argues that the military is too small to accomplish its assigned missions. He would increase the size of the active-duty Army to 540,000. The current total is 475,000 soldiers, which is due to shrink to 460,000 by the end of the current budget year in September 2017. He also would put the Navy on track to increasing its active-duty fleet to 350 ships, compared to the current Navy plan of growing from today’s 272 ships to 308 sometime after 2020. He has not said how he would pay for these increases, other than calling for an audit of the Pentagon’s books and economizing in broad ways like “reducing duplicative bureaucracy.”

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