Sunday, October 30, 2016

FBI agents knew of emails weeks before Comey did: report

The Hill by Rebecca Savransky

FBI agents reportedly knew early this month about the new emails that the agency now says are "pertinent" to the investigation into Hillary Clinton's private server — but did not brief FBI Director James Comey until late last week.

Comey was reportedly told about the new messages on Thursday, The Washington Post reported.
On Friday, less than two weeks from Election Day, Comey sent a letter to lawmakers saying emails "pertinent" to the investigation of the former secretary of State had been discovered and the FBI would be reviewing them.

The FBI director said the team should "take appropriate investigative steps designed to allow investigators to review these emails."

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Shaw: Some agents had to know or suspected these email would be found by looking at Weiner.
Were they suddenly discovered after Comey let the FBI down by not indicting Hillary Clinton?
Were the new email discovered this close to the end of the campaign to make sure Comey had to
announce their existence or be tossed in jail himself for hiding them prior to the election?

So many possibilities.

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