Saturday, October 8, 2016

Forget the Establishment Anti-Trump GOP, Time for a New Party


By Jack Shaw

Hours after Donald Trump apologized for crude comments he made about women years ago,
many in the GOP establishment are calling for Mr. Trump to drop out of the election.There may be two dozen names on the drop out list by now. I suggest that none of the GOPe members would have voted for Donald Trump anyway and their speaking out is so their Super donors will continue to pay them.

Donald Trump and the est GOP were never partners. The est GOP answers to Super donors who want massive immigration and the replacement of the American mainly white middle class.
This group has finally been outed and labeled with their Democratic Party partners as 'The Uniparty.'

The Uniparty does not represent We the People. This is now common knowledge.

If Donald Trump could quit the GOP, run on his own or head a new People's, or New American Party
it would be the best thing that could happen for  voters. Sure we might lose this election but the the votes for this new party would be staggering. The GOP and the Media would be shown to be
supported by a very few and show that they are totally out of touch with half of all Americans.
It would also show that GOP and the Media are past their prime and no longer relevant.

The clean break between Donald Trump and the establishment GOP is necessary and would have happened eventually.

It's too bad that we are so close to the election and a new party probably can't
get on the ballot and many Trump GOP votes have already been cast by early voting.

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