Saturday, October 15, 2016

Fox News Poll Another Skewed Pro Hillary Poll – +9 Democrats

At Virginia Right

So how do you drive public opinion with a poll?

The Fox News Poll report does it like this:
Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump has increased to seven points, as more than half of voters say he is not qualified to be president.
That’s according to a just-released national Fox News Poll of likely voters.
Clinton receives 45 percent to Trump’s 38 percent.  Libertarian Gary Johnson is at 7 percent and Green Party candidate Jill Stein gets 3 percent.  Last week, Clinton was up by two points in the four-way contest (44-42 percent).
So, the news that Fox wants you to hear is that last week in their poll, Clinton was up by just 2 points. But what they don’t report and you have to dig to find (here are the poll internal numbers) is that while Clinton was up by 2 points a week ago and is now up by 7 points is the real story.


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