Wednesday, October 12, 2016

GOP Donors Yank Paul Ryan’s Choke Chain Tight – Tell Speaker To Shut Up & Sit Down

image Shaw 
Congressman Paul Ryan, the figure the Mainstream Media has recently taken to glowingly referring to as, “the highest ranking Republican in America”, appears to have made the too-common mistake of believing one’s own press. When Ryan took his dispute with GOP presidential nominee public earlier this week, the backlash from Republicans in Congress was both swift and significant. Now, Speaker Ryan is facing yet more push-back, this time from some of the deepest pockets among the GOP donor class.

Ryan’s office is said to be deluged with incoming calls from agitated political deep-pockets who are speaking to anyone and everyone inside the Beltway to let them know just how dissatisfied they are with how Mr. Ryan overplayed his hand, which has resulted in further chaos within the Republican Party at a time when the national election is just a few weeks away.

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