Monday, October 17, 2016

Irredeemable”? In This Battle For Survival, Donald Trump And His Supporters a.k.a. White America Are In It Together

 At VDARE by  Paul Kersey

Earlier: Paul Kersey’s Open Letter To Donald Trump: Defend Freedom Of Association (And Property Values) Against Obama’s Racial Socialism

A Republican headquarters building is firebombed.  [Republican HQ in Orange County firebombed, by Jim Morril, Charlotte Observer, October 16, 2016] Trump supporters’ cars are vandalized. [Police on the lookout for vandals who spray painted cars outside Trump rally in Bangor, by Michael Shepherd, Bangor Daily News, October 16, 2016]. Trump supporters are repeatedly being assaulted. Trump himself is the object of an assassination attempt by an illegal immigrant. And that’s only the beginning of what’s coming, both for Donald Trump himself and for Trump supporters.

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