Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Jim Acosta caught taunting Trump crowd – CNN sucks chant breaks out

At Fire Andrea Mitchell blog -- 

Tonight on CNN, they continue to celebrate as if Hillary Clinton has won, two weeks out.
Also, Jim Acosta, CNN liberal hack went on a rant and whinefest about how Trump supporters have been hassling and calling him and CNN out at Trump rallies. Maybe it’s because of Jim Acosta trying to taunt Trump supporters at his rallies, like this one at Virginia Beach. Check out Acosta taunting the people who came to the Trump rally. They eventually broke out into the CNN Sucks chant (which is so accurate). Hey Jim, taunting a crowd that already hates your network isn’t exactly a wise idea. I know your arrogant progressive liberal can’t comprehend why.

The media, including CNN deserves every bit of backlash they get before, during and after the election (as long as it’s not violent). Sponsors need to be boycotted, channels need to see big ratings drops and financial hardship needs to take place.

Jim Acosta and his ilk should really think twice about taunting people who they believe are biased and against them anyway. It must be a leftist thing. Acosta is a hack to the highest degree. But he fits in perfectly at CNN with Anderson Cooper, Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer, etc

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