Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Mark Levin defines Hillary's America: A massive, choking administrative state

ConservativeReview by Phil Shiver  -- 

Now is not the time to grow faint, Mark Levin urged Tuesday night on his radio program.
Levin then went on to explain what exactly it is that conservatives are up against in this election, and after: the “massive Leviathan” or the administrative state. Endless agencies, departments, and bureaucracies swallow up the people’s freedom and the balance of power.

Hillary Clinton is campaigning on this very idea. Which is why it is so important for conservatives to equip themselves and fight against it.

 “This is the great coup, the great counter-revolution,” Levin said. “It’s the great war on the individual. It’s the great war on faith and family. It’s the great war on capitalism … on private property rights … on citizenship, this massive administrative state.”



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