Thursday, October 27, 2016

New 2016 Election Projection Map Shows Trump Leading in Electoral College

At Libertynews by LN Buzz Team

The state sponsored mainstream media would have us all believe the election is over and Hillary Clinton will be the next President. Such a common belief is a powerful weapon when media’s general desire is for voters who may trend in Trump’s direction stay home. If the thinking is that it’s a done deal for Clinton, why bother voting?

But the reality, as seen by the team here at, is that Donald Trump actually has a slight edge in the projected electoral college outcome.

Indeed, according to our newly released real-time projection map the electoral college layout is as follows: Projection (Click here for real-time map).
  • Hillary Clinton – 230
  • Donald Trump – 235
Our analysis of the race as it stands provides results that are profoundly different than those of CNN, for example.
CNN Projection.
  • Hillary Clinton – 307
  • Donald Trump –  179             

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