Saturday, October 8, 2016

Pre-Debate Mr. Nigel Farage Weighs In – America Just Doesn’t Like Political Family Dynasties…

At Conservative Treehouse by sundnce,

Forgive me, but personally I’m getting a big kick out of many people who are seeing for the first time just how corrupt the GOPe is.


The GOPe/Bush wing of the UniParty is just as nasty and vitriolic as the DEMe/Clinton UniParty wing.  However, for more than a decade each time we pointed this out, people argued such an equivalence was incorrect.

It is not a flawed perspective,  It is entirely accurate; and today we are all seeing it play out in public.

The DC UniParty political dynasties, Team Bush and Team Clinton, are both horrid in their own self interests and demand to retain power at all costs.

When the Bush clan had to admit in February 2016 that Jeb wouldn’t/couldn’t get his turn, it was only a matter of time before their thermonuclear hatred surfaced.

If yesterday’s audio visual release would have aided Jeb in March, they would have released it.  However, we can only imagine how fraught with anxiety and intense hate the Bush clan must have been earlier in the year to know that nothing was going to help Jeb.

Seriously, think about it with a hindsights’ perspective.

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