Monday, October 10, 2016

Private Comments Versus Bill and Hillary’s War on Women, I’m Voting for Trump!

At Conservative Read by Chris,

Arthur Schaper,

Apparently, Donald Trump made some very crude comments over the weekend.

Oh, wait … he uttered those comments privately over eleven years ago.

Isn’t it against the law to record such private conversations in the first place? I am waiting for the Trump campaign to launch their next lawsuit … against Billy Bush. Another thing: Why are we learning about these crude comments from eleven years ago — now? What do they have to do with this momentous and compelling Presidential campaign this year? This is another example of journalistic malpractice. If the entertainment or news media really feared Donald Trump and his purported treatment of women, then why did they wait to leak this information?

Perhaps they feared that long litany of Clinton Family misogyny would end up as fair game. (Too late)


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