Monday, October 24, 2016

Team Trump ready to point finger at Paul Ryan if Donald loses


From NYPOST  Editorial Board --

Team Trump has begun to hint that, if The Donald loses, a big reason will be the “betrayal” by House Speaker Paul Ryan. That gets things exactly backward.

The Trumpers’ venom could have widespread repercussions — further dividing the party, hurting down-ballot candidates and even threatening Ryan’s reelection as speaker if the GOP holds the House.

Which would be a disaster for both Republicans and the entire country.

Trump has long accused Ryan of disloyalty, especially after the speaker said he’d no longer defend the nominee once the “locker room” tape leaked. That’s been echoed by such high-profile allies as Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

Here’s the thing: It was Trump’s job to unite the party behind him — by being a nominee all Republicans could support. He was pulling it off in the weeks before the first debate, but he’s wasted much of his fire since then on irrelevant digressions.

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