Thursday, October 27, 2016

Ted Cruz on confirming Clinton’s justices: We could just SHRINK The Supreme Court, you know


They … could do that, it’s true. The size of the Court is set by statute, not by the Constitution. If Congress wants a seven-member Court or a five-member Court, that’s up to them.

The politics would be awfully dicey, though. A new president is sworn in and moves to fill a vacancy which the GOP spent a year claiming should be filled by the next president, not Barack Obama. So the voters make their choice — and then, in the name of blocking a Democratic Court majority, the GOP decides the vacancy shouldn’t be filled all. We’ll see how the polling goes on that.

Speaking to reporters after a campaign rally for a Republican U.S. Senate candidate here,
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) said that there was “precedent” for a Supreme Court with fewer than nine justices — appearing to suggest that the blockade on nominee Merrick Garland could last past the election.

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