Friday, October 7, 2016

The Americans the Media Doesn’t Even See

At NYPOST by Delina Zito,

Two houses, sitting side by side on the edge of this Fayette County town, display presidential campaign signs.

The one on the left is for Donald Trump; the one on the right, Hillary Clinton.

As both neighbors tidied their lawns atop sloping yards on a sunny fall afternoon, they chatted, shared a rake, pulled weeds and chased leaves.

From a distance, their political differences appear to have no impact on common courtesies. Why?
Because they share common threads in their daily lives — schools, civic activities, church, restaurants, the local economy, regional sports and a sense of belonging to the same community.

Several hours later on that same Saturday, Twitter and other forms of social media exploded with a thunderous clap of “Ah, hah!” when The New York Times reported getting a copy of Trump’s 1995 tax return showing that he claimed a net operating loss of $916 million that year.


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