Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Hillary Administration the Media Yearns for Will Be a Disaster


At PJMEDIA by Roger L. Simon,

Double, double toil and trouble;

Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

Watching cable news Monday night was like being dropped down in a new-fangled, communal television production of Macbeth with the anchors of each channel cackling and chortling away, outdoing each other in plotting the demise of that obnoxious upstart the Thane of Trump. You fairly expected Donald to fall from the ceiling into a vat of boiling oil, expiring as the witches danced around the corpse.

MSNBC and CNN you would have guessed, but now even Fox News was fully on board (well, except for Sean Hannity, who doubtless will be dealt with later). To the rest, virtually all, Trump was the pariah that must be expunged, the plague our system must be rid of to preserve civilization.  Out, out, gold Tower!  Out, out, gold hair!

And what was the presenting complaint this time -- that Trump had a business reversal and used that to avoid taxes.  No matter this was perfectly legal, conventional really, and that the New York Times, that daily cheat sheet for dimly informed progressives that first revealed this latest of Trump's "malfeasances,"  had done the same itself to the tune of millions -- this time it was Donald using the tax code. Bad!


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