Thursday, October 13, 2016

The New York Times: Worse Than You Thought

At Powerline by  John Hinderaker

The Nieman Journalism Lab scores an interview with Dean Baquet, executive editor of the New York Times. If you think the Times has gotten even worse in the last year or two, Baquet is the man to blame.
Nieman records, enthusiastically, that the Times has veered even more sharply to the left during the present election season:
Consider that the Times employed 18 of its journalists as realtime fact-checkers during the first presidential debate. Consider Baquet’s own public clarity about calling out Trump lies. Just a couple of weeks ago, the Times featured on its homepage a review of a new Hitler biography by book critic Michiko Kakutani, whose Trumpian analogy may have remained inexplicit, but nonetheless spoke loud volumes about a newfound Times confidence in squarely taking on the issues and fears that consume its readers’ minds.
Or, more accurately, a newfound confidence in coming out as an agent of the Democratic Party. Which the Times has been for a long time.


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