Monday, October 17, 2016

The Selling of America—by the Clinton Campaign

At PJMEDIA by Roger L. Simon,

While the American public is having their brains numbed by endless retellings of Donald Trump's decades-old putatively unwanted sexual advances, the media is almost entirely, in many cases deliberately, ignoring the far more significant revelations being made by WikiLeaks. What does the media care? It doesn't affect them, just the common folk. And the disclosures might impede the coronation of Queen Hillary.

Many stories have drifted by almost without notice—including confirmation that the president of the United States lied when he claimed he learned  of Hillary Clinton's private email server only when the public did. He had been communicating with her on it for over a year on multiple occasions under a pseudonym. (If a President Trump had done such a thing, the cries for his impeachment would drown out the Super Bowl.) Andrew McCarthy has cited this as the reason the FBI was prevented from recommending the prosecution of Clinton. To have done so would have implicated the president himself.

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