Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Surrender On Immigration has already begun

AT HOT AIR by Jazz Shaw  -- 

We’re seeing plenty of examples of how the media has already skipped over the nuisance of holding an election and determined that Hillary Clinton is effectively the next President of the United States. If that does happen (and it’s still an “if” at this point, no matter what you’re hearing on cable news), Secretary Clinton’s supporters are expecting some rapid movement on a “comprehensive immigration reform” package. I’ve already written about how this might be far from a done deal, but you can expect the media to jump on this bandwagon in a big way.

One example of this is an early broadside being fired by Eduardo Porter of the New York Times editorial board. Mr. Porter begins his pitch for such a sweeping change by trotting out the often repeated but highly dubious claim that Trump’s plans for a great wall on the southern border is a fake solution because, “the wall is already there.” And, of course, the wall has failed in his opinion. The solution? Less walls and more doors!

Maybe the answer, instead, lies in another direction. Rather than building a bigger wall, it consists of opening a door in the wall we have. The best way to stop illegal immigration may be for Mexico and the United States to create a legal path for low-skill Mexicans seeking work in the United States.


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