Thursday, October 6, 2016

Trump campaign: Bill Clinton is doing a great job for us

At NYPOST by Daniel Halper, Malsa Schultz,

Donald Trump’s team says Bill Clinton is a terrific surrogate — for them.
“President Bill Clinton is our best surrogate,” Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said

Wednesday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

“We’re thinking of having him in the spin room with us in St. Louis,” Conway added, referring to the location of next week’s presidential debate.

Conway was referring to Clinton earlier this week calling ObamaCare — President Obama’s signature legislative achievement — “the craziest thing in the world.

“You’ve got this crazy system where all of a sudden 25 million more people have health care and then the people that are out there busting it, sometimes 60 hours a week, wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half,” Clinton said.

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