Thursday, October 27, 2016

Trump up 13% with independents in D+7 Fox Poll

At Fire Andrea Mitchell

Looks like Fox News is using Megyn Kelly to do their polling. Even with an oversample of Democrats by seven points shows the race nearly tied at 44% to 41%. The Bush hack network of Fox News shows Trump up 13 points with independents. The way Fox was able to get a slim lead to Hillary Clinton was over sampling seven points, like other networks do. For a bit of history, the election in 2012 in which Obama won had a D+4 voter turnout. Fox News is assuming that there were be nearly twice as many Democrats turning out to vote for the unpopular Hillary Clinton as did for Obama in 2012.

Oh, btw in this poll with the heavy Democrat over sample, Trump’s vote among woman is better than what Romney ended up with in 2012

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