Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Unshackled Trump poses threat to Ryan

At The Hill by Scott Wong,

Donald Trumps flailing presidential campaign has become a threat to Paul Ryan.
Just weeks before the elections, Trump is training his fire on the Republican House Speaker after Ryan essentially conceded that the outsider GOP nominee had no chance of winning the White House next month.

By attacking Ryan on Twitter as disloyal and a “weak and ineffectual leader,” Trump is setting up the Wisconsin lawmaker as the scapegoat for a possible Election Day disaster. Trump’s actions could  turn his millions of die-hard followers against Ryan and ruin the 46-year-old Speaker’s political prospects.

In effect, Trump is trying to extinguish one of the GOP’s brightest young stars and tarnish the political brand of a man many mainstream Republicans still hope will one day run for president.
From his bully pulpit, Ryan is perhaps best-positioned to lead the party out of the ashes of a Trump defeat on Nov. 8.

That’s if Ryan, Mitt Romney’s 2012 vice presidential pick, even gets the opportunity.

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