Thursday, October 20, 2016

What we learned about Trump through three debates

At WExaminer by James ANTLE lll  --

As Dennis Green once said of the Chicago Bears, through three presidential debates Hillary Clinton was who we thought she was. But was Donald Trump?

Now that the debates are safely in the rearview mirror, we can evaluate some of the conventional wisdom about the Republican nominee's performance.

Trump is not a 90-minute debater. Green might have admonished his teams to play 60 minutes of football. Surely, Kellyanne Conway tried to impress upon her boss the importance of a full hour and a half debate performance.

Republican debate prep coach Brett O'Donnell told me that Trump was "like a comedian who can tell one or two jokes well and then gets sent out to perform for an hour." This didn't matter in the unwieldly GOP debates because there were usually enough people on the stage for Trump to disappear and reappear as suited him, but it became an issue against Clinton.

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