Monday, October 10, 2016

What Went Down In The Second Presidential Debate

Fivethirtyeight by Micah  Cohen,

Good Night. Good Morning.

That was … something. The second presidential debate is in the books, and it was … well, it was disjointed, uncivil, substantive (at times), cringe-inducing (at times) and historic. To re-live it all, start at the bottom of the live blog and scroll up.
Trump went into the second debate with his campaign teetering, facing a real possibility that the bottom could fall out. Did he right the ship on Sunday night?
The crew from our elections podcast — Nate, Clare, Harry and Jody — huddled to talk through the night’s events. You can listen to that here or watch video of it below.

I also asked our live-blog team to predict the main story coming out of tonight — fill-in-the-blank style: “Tomorrow’s main debate headline will be about ___________.”
Clare: Trump and Clinton’s mudslinging about sexual impropriety, and perhaps a sub-hed about Trump’s special prosecutor line about Clinton’s email.
Farai: The unbridled disdain these two candidates appear to have for each other.
Carl: Unfortunately, the ugly first 30 minutes of personal attacks.
Christie: Personal attacks; no one’s mind changed.
Julia: Incivility.
Harry: It will be about the first few minutes, like everyone else has said. I also wouldn’t be surprised if it’s about Trump maintaining his stamina during this debate, unlike the first debate.
Seth: Trump vowing to prosecute his opponent should he be elected president.


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