Friday, October 14, 2016

Wikileaks reveals exactly how the Clinton campaign, Bullies, Seduces, Manipulates and Dominates its Media Coverage

At American Thinker by  Thomas Lifton,

The operating procedures of media management, Clinton style, are being revealed, as the torrent of Wikileaks releases continues. Howard Kurtz of Fox News has gone through the recent tranches, and puts together a very interesting portrait of the Ruling Class Media in action. A brief example from “Clinton Leaks: A campaign at war with itself and the press (except those sucking up).”

In case you thought candidate humor was spontaneous—ha!—Merrill suggested a joke for comedian Larry Wilmore, who would say at an appearance with Clinton, “I just emailed HRC (I hear she’s a big emailer)…It would be just light-hearted enough while giving her the opportunity to address this seriously, be a little conciliatory as discussed, and then get back to a discussion about CGI etc.”

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