Monday, October 17, 2016

Yes, I still support Donald Trump

At WTimes by Stephen Moore,

I have been asked a dozen times by news reporters over the last week: Do you still support Donald Trump? The elites at The New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN would love to be able to add me and dozens more to the list of Republicans who have publicly denounced the Trump-Pence ticket.

What I don’t get about the prominent Republican defectors who have declared they are now for Hillary, is why they get this weird high off being praised by the leftists in the media. Is it really that important to them to be back on the invite list for the next Press Club Dinner? Yes I am offended by many of Mr. Trump’s actions and words. Who isn’t? But who isn’t offended and frightened more by every word uttered and action taken by Hillary Clinton? I’d vote for my pet frog over Hillary Clinton, but alas, he’s not running.

How many leftists in the media or in the Democratic Party have renounced now that Hillary Clinton and her top campaign operatives have exposed themselves in emails as an anti-Catholic and anti-Evangelical bigots? The left keeps asking, how can Christians still support Donald Trump for President? Here’s one answer: she’s for partial birth abortion and he’s not. She’s an anti-Catholic bigot and he’s not. It will be the day that hell freezes over that the media writes a column asking: how can any Catholic in good conscience vote for Hillary Clinton?

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