Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Can Trump, Romney reconcile divergent world views?

At WTIMES by Kelly Riddell  -- 


President-elect Donald Trump will meet once again Tuesday morning with Mitt Romney, presumably to discuss the possibility of Mr. Romney heading the State Department.

Let’s put aside the fact Mr. Romney led an ugly, personal war against Mr. Trump during the general election, calling him a “con man” and “fraud” whose “promises are worthless.”

Let’s assume Mr. Trump is looking to unite the GOP, and these talks are his way of extending an olive branch. Let’s also assume Mr. Trump is pragmatic in his Cabinet positions — that he wants a successful administration, packed with the best people possible — even if some of those nominees are adversarial.

What I can’t understand is why Mr. Trump would want a secretary of state with an interventionist worldview — something that Mr. Trump campaigned hard against.

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