Thursday, November 24, 2016

CEO Of Mexican Cement Company Tells Trump He’s Ready To Build The Wall

At Rightwing News by Alexandria Willis  -- 

Donald Trump has been very vocal about his feelings concerning a wall between America and Mexico. He feels strongly that a wall needs to be built on the border to prevent the influx of illegal immigrants coming into the country from South America. Many people have mocked the concept of a wall. And it is still unclear as to what and where he expects this to be built.

Whether the wall truly apns the border or is just put in certain locations is unclear, but he will have a wall. It does not seem to be among his highest priorities at the moment. This was not included in his plans for his first one hundred days in office as the next president of the United States. Not that he does not already have his hands incredibly full coming into office….

But as for construction and concrete workers in Mexico, they are more than willing to take up the task of contributing the creation and construction of a wall. Afterall, it is a job. And isn’t that exactly what this is all about?


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