Thursday, November 3, 2016

Chatter grows that Ryan could step down


At The Hill by Scott Wong  -- 

Chatter is growing louder on Capitol Hill that Paul Ryan’s days as Speaker are numbered.

Four House Republicans, including a senior lawmaker close to leadership, told The Hill they expect Ryan to step down after Tuesday’s election, arguing that he faces a daunting path to the 218 votes he needs to win a full two-year term leading the House GOP.

Aides to the Wisconsin Republican insist he isn’t going anywhere and say he’s completely focused right now on protecting the GOP’s historic majority in the lower chamber.
“The Speaker's only focus until Election Day is defeating Democrats and protecting our majority, and nothing else,” said Ryan spokeswoman AshLee Strong.

But even some Ryan allies are conceding that the Speaker now finds himself in an untenable position after just a year on the job.

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SHAW: News that Ryan may step down is almost as good news as finding more Hillary emails.
Ryan is a traitor to the Trump Movement and pushed the  Omnibus bill financing Obama Refugee program.

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