Thursday, November 17, 2016

Clapper, Cruz, Romney – and Other Predictable Trump Stuff…

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President-Elect Donald Trump thinks bigger than any politician in modern American history…

♦ James I-responded-in-the-least-untruthful-manner Clapper’s resignation as Director of National Intelligence is a no-brainer and a nothingburger, being spun as a media narrative (talking point):
[Clapper’s ] formal letter of resignation was issued in response to a White House request that all Obama administration political appointees submit resignations effective at noon on Jan. 20, a spokesperson for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence said. (link)

 Ted Cruz meeting with Donald Trump is also quite predictable. BIG PICTURE = Trump’s immigration policy -as it is carried out- will clearly push “birthright citizenship” (aka “anchor babies”, aka 14th amendment definition) into the federal courts and will be fast-tracked, ultimately ending up in SCOTUS.

While we do not have any ‘insider’ information, it is more likely Cruz is viewed as a Scalia replacement candidate, not Attorney General.  Ted Cruz’s specific argumentative skill-set more apt to a long-term SCOTUS benefit.  When combined with the Trump policy toward immigration, ie. law and order, the importance of determination/interpretation of the 14th Amendment is key to enforcement.  This is unsettled law.  This is a legacy issue.

Mitt Romney can be an essential element in Trump’s America-First’  

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