Friday, November 18, 2016

Democrats’ Fundraising Freakout--“Muslim registry.”

At Powerline blog by John Hinderacker  --

Every dark cloud has a silver lining. Donald Trump’s victory represents a rare fundraising opportunity for the Democrats, and they are taking advantage of the hysteria that currently prevails on the left. Thus, today’s email from the Democratic National Committee has the subject heading, “Trump’s latest plan is modeled on the internment of Japanese-Americans.” Of course it is! Here is the body of the email.

Pretty much every sentence is a lie. No one has proposed creating a “Muslim registry.” The proposal that may or may not be implemented–my guess is that it won’t be–calls only for a list of visitors and immigrants from countries where there are active terrorist groups.

The “Trump advisors” citing internment as a legal precedent consist of one guy, Carl Higbie. Higbie is a former spokesman for Great America PAC. Is he a Trump advisor? Apparently not; he says he has “engaged in no ‘formal conversations’ with the president-elect’s team.” I have no idea whether he has ever met Trump.

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