Wednesday, November 16, 2016

FDNY forbids firefighters from hanging pictures of Trump


-- The FDNY has ordered firefighters to not hang pictures of President-elect Donald Trump in firehouses or on their trucks, angering some members of the department.

“Only [the] FDNY wouldn’t want the democratically elected president of America hanging in a firehouse,” said one firefighter, who asked to remain anonymous.
“The firehouse is supposed to be a symbol of America. That’s hard to believe when you can’t post a picture of the president.”

Department brass sent out a memo this week urging New York City’s Bravest to “remain out of the political scene and out of the political field” amid the widely divided opinions sparked by Trump’s election a week ago, according to officials.

An FDNY source told The Post that the memo was triggered by complaints the department received about a firetruck in Brooklyn — Engine 276 — that was driving around with a Trump mask on its grille.

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