Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hillary’s Protection Racket for a Family of Criminals, Flesh Peddlers, and Smugglers

From Independent Sentinel by S.Noble  -- 

The Center for Medical Progress took on Planned Parenthood and dealers in baby parts with undercover videos of their sleazy interactions this past ear. They said that for eight years, Planned Parenthood “supplied aborted baby hearts, lungs, brains, and intestines to DV Biologics, which DV Biologics then resold for profit.”

“In exchange for merely providing access to aborted baby body parts, Planned Parenthood received kickback contributions from DaVinci Biosciences over the course of their eight-year contract,” CMP said.

DaVinci Biosciences and DV Biologics are owned by the Ecuadorian Isaias crime family who extorted about $665 million from Ecuador in a clever scheme. In 2012, Roberto and William Isaias were sentenced in abstentia to eight years in prison for running their bank into the ground then presenting false balance sheets to profit from bailout funds. Estefano Sr. was also said to have been involved in the scheme, but was not on trial.

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