Friday, November 18, 2016

How the Media can become Relevant Again Immediately

By Jack Shaw  --

Everyone, including themselves know that The MSM media is failing badly, losing readers and viewers everyday. Most have just a handful of followers. The New York times told the public it was going to accurately report the news from now on and begged it's readers to come back!
Even Fox has less viewers after it went after Donald Trump during the debates.

Media and newspapers, here is the easy solution to become relevant and profitable again:

Let go HALF of your current journalists/staff and replace them with Populist journalists.

Report the news with no slant right or left. Cover all new and all personalities.
On nightly peronalty political shows have one hour a liberal hosted show and the next hour a populist hosted show.

Let the viewer make up the minds and don't pit progessives hosts and populist hosts against each other.

Everyone benfits from a new NEWS approach. The media gets its reg audience plus new, other side viewers. The public gets more news sources.

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