Thursday, November 24, 2016

#NeverRomney – Is There an Intended Audience…

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Perhaps something worth considering amid all the Mitt Romney angst, is the potential for this to be part of a more comprehensive Donald Trump/Steve Bannon strategy.

You would be hard pressed to find anyone amid CTH who would opine any measure of favorability toward Romney.  Quite the contrary, no-one likes him, at all. Nor did anyone support his initial presidential bid in the primary of 2012.

However, that said, President-Elect Trump presenting Romney as a cabinet possibility -and stirring up the visual appearance of grass root opposition therein- may essentially be nothing more than putting the final nail in another GOPe legacy coffin.

Perhaps, just perhaps, with the new awakening people carry toward the UniParty, and more specifically toward the prior 2016 primary GOPe road map the UniParty constructed, there’s a new coalition who can see -in hindsight- the previous 2012 primary construct was a UniParty ruse intended to deliver the successful Romney outcome.

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