Thursday, November 17, 2016

Obama Claims Trump's Election Wasn't Repudiation of His Ideological Vision (VIDEO)

At American Power by  Donald Douglas  --

Sure, go ahead and delude yourself Mr. President.

The fact is, November 8th saw the most beautiful ideological "shellacking" ever, heh.

At LAT, "Obama: Trump's election wasn't necessarily a rejection of my worldview":

President Obama acknowledged Tuesday that voters may have elected Donald Trump in part out of “natural desires for change,” but he batted down the idea that American voters gave an “outright rejection of my worldview.”

Hours after arriving in Greece to begin his final foreign tour as president, Obama tried to explain the American election, allowing elliptically for the first time that Trump’s election might have been a repudiation of his own presidency.

Presidential elections, Obama said, can turn on personalities as well as campaigns. Sometimes there are “natural desires for change when you have an incumbent who’s been there for eight years,” Obama said.
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