Saturday, November 26, 2016

Obama preps for post-presidency feud with Trump

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-- When George W. Bush left the White House in early 2009, he boarded a helicopter and went home to Texas, where he mostly remained silent about President Obama's actions.
This presidential transition is shaping up a little differently.

Rather than returning home to Illinois, President Obama is moving just down the street from the White House to a mansion in the tony Kalorama neighborhood.

And rather than remaining quiet, Obama, 55, who will become one of the youngest ex-presidents in history, has promised to dive in with grassroots liberals seeking to oppose Donald Trump, a man he has been feuding with for years.

Obama had apparently been preparing for a much quieter retirement from the White House, but Clinton's loss has changed those plans, he said.

Not only is Obama grappling with a Democratic party that lacks a new leader, but a Trump presidency coupled with GOP control of Congress virtually guarantees an effort to undo his signature achievements, including Obamacare, immigration regulations and a slew of environmental rules.


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