Monday, November 14, 2016

Old-Guard Republicans Will Try to Scuttle Trump’s Success

At Lifezette by Eddie Zipper  --  

The Kentucky Wildcats, elated with their 2002 win over the LSU Tigers, gave coach Guy Morriss a celebratory Gatorade shower. Unfortunately, there were still 11 seconds left in the game. LSU used those precious seconds to run a play that was the football equivalent of a Republican winning the rust belt. LSU beat Kentucky by three points that day.
Kentucky was devastated. And Guy Morriss — as if losing a heartbreaker wasn’t bad enough — had to do his post-game interviews soaking wet. The Wednesday morning after the election, every talking head in America looked like angry, humiliated, dripping-wet Guy Morriss.

When it seemed like the Republican party may never recover from President George Bush’s big spending and neoconservative foreign policy, Donald Trump — like Reagan before him — created a new Republican coalition.

The mainstream media isn’t afraid of Donald Trump because they think he’s dangerous. They’re afraid of him because he’s a Republican who appeals to working-class Americans and because he’s a pragmatist who is against unnecessary military interventions.


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