Thursday, November 17, 2016

President Obama Discusses Globalist Earthquake! and Plans for Future Political Tectonic Shifts…

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President Obama held a press conference today with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and fielded questions about the 2016 presidential election.  Within the optics and the presented narrative it is possible to find evidence of the globalist’s perspective on the loss, and more importantly their intents moving forward.  Very Rivkin-esque.

Within the EU Merkel is the defacto representative of the continent’s globalist vision; as such when President Obama and Merkel appear together you will always find the epicenter of globalist advocacy – the direct opposition of nationalism.

There are many responses within the overall Merkel/Obama event which should be keenly understood by all Americans.  However, this response within this specific video (soundbite below) is a good summation:

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