Thursday, November 10, 2016

Rush Limbaugh: 'Somebody Needs to Tell Me Why It's Wrong for White People to Vote Their Interests'

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by Chris Menahan  --

During his show Wednesday, Rush Limbaugh asked for somebody to tell him "why it's wrong for white people to vote their interests" but not wrong for everyone else to do the same.

While commenting on CNN's Van Jones saying a "whitelash against a changing country" was the driving force behind President Donald Trump's election, Limbaugh said:

"Somebody needs to tell me why it's wrong for white people to vote their interests when it's not wrong for African-Americans to unify and monolithically vote their interests. Women monolithically unify; vote their interests. Muslims monolithically unify; vote their interests. Gays and lesbians unify; monolithically vote their interests. Feminists unify; vote their interests monolithically. That's how the Democrat Party wins. All of these different constituency groups think, act, and vote alike -- and when they do it, they call it "progress.

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RUSH: Did you hear what Van Jones said? I have a question. I'm sure this question is gonna be controversial as it can be, but I'm gonna ask it anyway. Van Jones at CNN... We even have the audio sound bite. Let me find this. I didn't know... Number eight. Listen to Van Jones. He is the resident communist -- well (chuckles), one of many resident communists -- at CNN. He was in the first Obama administration until he was shamed out of it, and he was on their special coverage last night talking about Trump being on the way to winning. This is what he said...

JONES: This was a whitelash. (pause) This was a whitelash against a changing country. It was a whitelash against a black president in part. And that's the part where the pain comes. And Donald Trump has a responsibility tonight to come out and reassure people that he is going to be the president of all the people who he insulted and offended and brushed aside.

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