Tuesday, November 15, 2016

So I guess we’re seriously discussing a pardon for Hillary Clinton now

At Hot Air by Jazz Shaw  -- 

Lock her up!

How many times did you hear that during the endless campaign of 2016? I lost count long ago. With the President Elect not tipping his hand at this point as to whether or not there will actually be a special prosecutor looking into Hillary Clinton’s “situation” we have no guidance as to how we should proceed. But as long as the possibility exits, plenty of pundits are speculating on the possibility that Barack Obama might want to issue a full and complete pardon to Clinton before he leaves office. Not too long ago I would have scoffed at the idea, but in what has already been one of the strangest years in American politics on record I’m no longer quite so sure.

Andrew C. Mccarthy has a lengthy thought piece on the subject over at National Review this week. Even if he maintains the will to do it, could Trump actually pull this off? And if the signs point that way, what would be the fallout from Clinton receiving a pardon as a parting gift from the 44th president?

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