Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Trump Actually Treating Media Better Than They Deserve

 At PJMEDIA by Steven Kruiser  --

Thanksgiving week started off with some wonderful drama between President-elect Trump and various members of the mainstream media. The latter have spent eight years more or less on vacation.
All they've really done since January 20th, 2009 is slightly modify White House press releases then release them as "news". MSNBC didn't even do that, opting instead for simply repeating administration talking points verbatim every night.

Two weeks ago, the laziness of the narrative mongers was fully exposed. Rather than pay attention to what was going on around them throughout the campaign, they clung harder to a story that they'd written and, just like in every Dan Brown novel, they didn't have much of an ending planned. In fact, they were so invested in that story that it never occurred to them that their reality would be uncomfortable should their fairy tale ending not pan out.

Let me insert a disclaimer here for the perpetually obtuse: I am in no way advocating for government power over the press. A free and responsible press is essential in this country. Unfortunately, the responsibility train left the station long ago.

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