Sunday, November 27, 2016

Trump douses White House hopes of Cruz, Rubio and others

At Politico by Burgess Everett  --

Early this month, a long list of Republicans stood poised to lead the party forward after yet another crushing White House defeat. The GOP would have a menu of options to take on Hillary Clinton in 2020: the hard-edged conservatism of Ted Cruz, the lofty oratory of Marco Rubio, the earnest wonkery of Paul Ryan or the brawny national security vision of Tom Cotton.

Instead, the GOP’s crowded bench of 40-something upstarts will have to remain seated. Their short-term presidential hopes have been essentially extinguished by Trump’s conquest of both the Republican Party and Clinton.

And barring a first-term collapse of the first-time officeholder, it may be several White House election cycles before they have another shot.

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